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testo 720 - Digital temperature meter

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  • Port for one RTD or NTC sensor
  • Wide range of optional sensors for individual requirements
  • User-defined thresholds, audible alarm when thresholds are exceeded
  • Optional accessories for individual adaptation, i.e. protection against aggressive media for use in laboratories
  • The testo 720 digital temperature meter is designed specifically for the special needs of laboratories and the industry and comes with a wide range of optional connectable sensors for surface temperature, air temperature and immersion measurements. 
    Precise and reliable measuring technology and a wide range of optional accessories – this makes the temperature meter the ideal tool for use in laboratories and the industry.
    The testo 720 digital temperature meter: versatile and precise
    A sensor is needed to use the temperature meter. You can connect either an RTD or an NTC sensor. Select from a wide range of optional temperature sensors to find the sensor that best suits your individual applications. The testo 720 temperature meter is designed to allow you to carry out quick and accurate air temperature, surface temperature and immersion measurements.
    A host of features including min/max values, a large, backlit display, user-defined thresholds and an audible alarm that is activated when thresholds are exceeded makes the temperature meter ideal for use in the field.
    The testo 720 temperature meter – ideal for use in laboratories
    The testo 720 digital temperature meter is ideal for use in laboratories: select from a wide range of accessories designed to ensure that your temperature meter is best equipped to suit your individual application.
    -  RTD laboratory temperature sensor: the glass-coated temperature sensor is resistant to aggressive media

    -  TopSafe protective case: this robust case protects against impact, dirt ingress and aggressive media. IP65ratedwithTopSafeandconnectedtemperaturesensor

    -  testofast printer for print outs on site: allows you to document results quickly and reliably to provide proof of measurements instead of having to fall back on specialist software

    testo 720 digital temperature meter, calibration protocol, batteries.

    Please note: You will require a sensor in order to be able to use your temperature meter. Select from a wide range of optional sensors. The accuracy of the measurements depends on both the accuracy of the sensors and the accuracy of the meter.  

    Temperature - Pt100

    Measuring range
    -100 to +800 °C
    ±0.2 % of mv (200 to +800 °C)
    ±0.2 °C (Remaining Range)
    0.1 °C

    Temperature - NTC

    Measuring range
    -50 to +150 °C
    ±0.5 °C (Remaining Range)
    ±0.3 °C (+40.1 to +80 °C)
    ±0.4 °C (+80.1 to +125 °C)
    ±0.2 °C (-25 to +40 °C)
    0.1 °C

    General technical data

    182 x 64 x 40 mm
    Operating temperature
    -20 to +50 °C
    Product-/housing material
    Battery type
    9V block battery
    Battery life
    70 h
    Storage temperature
    -30 to +70 °C
    171 g

    Air probes

    Food probes

    Laboratory probes

    Surface probes

    immersion/ penetration probes