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testo 550s - Heat pump entry-level kit

0564 5000
  • The testo 550s digital manifold with large graphic display, exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to its practical robust housing with protection class IP 54
  • Includes Bluetooth and 2-way valve block with 2 x testo 115i wireless clamp temperature probes
  • The testo 560i digital refrigerant scale with automatic and precise refrigerant charging according to target superheat, subcooling and weight thanks to the intelligent valve
  • Particularly handy thanks to its compact housing, low weight and practical carrying handle
  • The testo 550s digital manifold makes it possible to carry out wireless measurements and digital documentation with its large graphic display. You will receive the testo 550s digital manifold with 2-way valve block and sturdy hook, two testo 115i wireless clamp thermometers and 3-hose filling set 7/16" UNF.

    Charge refrigeration systems automatically with speed and precision using the testo 560i wireless refrigerant scale, the intelligent refrigerant valve, the testo 550s digital manifold and the testo Smart App. Simply input the charging program, the target value for superheating, subcooling or weight in the app, and let the scale and valve do the rest for you.

    Advantages of the testo 550s heat pump entry-level kit: Carry out your everyday work on heat pumps wirelessly, conveniently and reliably. All data can be viewed on the large graphic display or on your smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart App.

    • testo 550s digital 2-way manifold with batteries (4 x AA) and calibration protocol
    • 2 x testo 115i wireless Bluetooth clamp thermometers
    • 3-hose filling set 7/16" UNF
    • Transport case
    • testo Smart App (free download)
    • testo 560i digital refrigerant scale with Bluetooth
    • Refrigerant valve with Bluetooth
    • Shoulder bag
    • 4 x batteries (AA), 1 x 9 V (6LR61) battery

    Refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps

    • Determination of high and low pressure, automatic determination of condensation and evaporation temperature and calculation of superheating/subcooling. All results can be read simultaneously on one screen
    • Tightness test: Recording and analysis of the pressure curve
    • Automatic calculation of the target superheat (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument, e.g. Testo Smart Probe)
    • Measure vacuum: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value
    • Evacuation: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value (in conjunction with the appropriate Testo Smart Probe, e.g. testo 552i vacuum probe)
    testo 550s