Modular flue gas probe 700 mm, Ø 8 mm, Tmax 1000 °C

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  • Easy probe shaft replacement via quick-change click system

  • NO2/SO2 special hose (length: 2.2 m)

  • Flue gas path and temperature channel can be connected to the instrument via a bayonet lock

  • Integrated thermocouple probe for temperature measurements up to 1000 °C

The modular flue gas probe with 700 mm long probe shaft including integrated thermocouple up to 1000 °C and quick-change click system (for quick replacement of the probe shaft).

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Product Description

On the modular flue gas probe with 700 mm long probe shaft, the flue gas path and temperature channel can be conveniently connected to the measuring instrument via a practical bayonet lock. The probe shaft is also easy to replace, thanks to the quick-change click system on the handle. The thermocouple NiCr-Ni, which is integrated in the probe shaft, enables temperature measurement up to 1000 °C. The probe is also supplied with a cone for attachment.


Delivery Scope

Modular flue gas probe 700 mm including cone for attachment, thermocouple NiCr-Ni Tmax 1000 °C and NO2/SO2 special hose 2.2 m.
General technical data


690 g

Length probe shaft

700 mm

Product-/housing material

Metal housing

Cable length

2.2 m

Diameter probe shaft

8 mm

Product colour

Black; silver

Temperature maximum

1,000 °C



Standard gas sampling probes

Spare sintered filters (2 off)

Order Number: 0554 3372

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