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testo Sensor LD basic - Leak detector

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  • Its durability and light weight make it convenient to handle and make it easier to work in industrial environments on a day-to-day basis
  • Sound funnel for better detection of leaks
  • Modern, high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, min. operating time 10 hours
  • Easy operation via membrane keypad and TFT display
  • Reliable tracing of leaks: With the testo Sensor LD basic leak detector, even the smallest leaks can be located from several metres away. When there is a leak, the testo Sensor LD basic converts the noises generated in the inaudible ultrasonic range into audible frequencies. The sighter function of an integrated laser pointer enables leaks to be located with precision.
    Trace even the smallest leaks in compressed air, gas, steam, vacuum and refrigeration systems easily and reliably – with the testo Sensor LD basic leak detector.

    Overview of the advantages offered by the testo LD basic leak detector

    • High-precision sensor technology
    • Reliable tracing of even the smallest leaks from a distance of several metres using the sound funnel
    • Conversion of noises generated in the inaudible ultrasonic range into audible frequencies
    • Sound-proof, comfortable-to-wear headphones for acoustic leak detection in noisy environments
    • Integrated laser pointer acts as a sighter for precise location of leaks
    • Ideal for use in industrial environments thanks to its robust housing and light weight
    • Built-in, high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, for a minimum operating time of 10 hours
    • Simple, reliable operation thanks to the robust membrane keypad with intuitive interface

    • Leak detector with built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Sound-proof headphones
    • Directional tube with tip
    • Mains adapter
    • Sound funnel
    • Transport case
    • Instruction manual