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testo 190 CFR software v1.4

0554 1901
SAR 15 581
  • Full, audit-relevant documentation with just the click of a mouse
  • Optimum support with the measurement process: the clear software structure guides every user intuitively through the process step by step
  • No data export to Excel needed
  • Readout of up to 254 data loggers possible in one validation process
  • Effective support for your validation and qualification tasks. From the simultaneous programming and readout of up to eight CFR data loggers, through comprehensive data analysis, to audit-relevant reporting – the 21 CFR Part 11-compliant testo 190 CFR software is efficient and intuitive.
    The CFR data loggers in the testo 190 range mean you are ideally equipped for efficient validation of sterilization and freeze-drying processes. In 21 CFR Part 11-regulated environments, the data loggers can be read out and programmed with the testo 190 CFR software. This intuitive software enables you to create full, audit-relevant documentation with just the click of a mouse.

    Advantages of the testo 190 CFR software

    Installed locally on the user’s PC, the testo 190 CFR software offers the following software functions:

    • certified for 21 CFR Part 11-compliant usage: includes functions such as digital signatures, user management and audit trail
    • Intuitive user interface: the testo 190 CFR software's user interface is intuitive to use, with no need for any time-consuming training
    • User guidance through the whole process: the software guides the user through the process, from programming the data loggers through to generating the report
    • Programming and readout: up to 8 data loggers can be programmed and read out simultaneously. The results can be visualized as a graphic or a table for individual data loggers or for all data loggers. The time period to be displayed can be selected at will, and can be saved as a pdf report
    • Visualization of measurement data: users of the testo 190 CFR software can save photographs of sterilizers, freeze-drying systems, rooms, etc. and link these to the pressure and temperature monitoring measurement data. Visualization enables various measurement data to be assigned to the measuring location quickly and easily. You can also display the temperature measured over time during system operation
    • Fast and reliable overview of the measurement results
    • No data export to other systems needed (e.g. to Excel)
    • Readout of up to 254 loggers is possible in one validation process
    • Other useful functions: the software automatically calculates the F0 value. Individual process parameters (e.g. temperature span, minimum hold time or maximum acclimatization time) are explained in the software and are therefore easier to understand. At the same time, the testo 190 CFR software enables comprehensive analysis, graphical and tabular display and evaluation of all recorded measurement data

    testo 190 CFR Software (as download with registration) for PC installation, including instruction manual.

    General technical data

    System requirements
    Win®7 (32/64 bit); Windows® 8; Win®10 or newer
    CFR 21 Part 11 (in use with testo ComSoft CFR-Software)