Absolute pressure meters with connectable probes

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6 products or recommendations for Absolute pressure meters with connectable probes
  • testo 435-4

    testo 435-4 - Multifunction indoor air quality meter

    Order-Nr. 0563 4354

    Price on Request

    • Includes pressure difference sensor for pitot static tube measurements or filter monitoring
    • Further sensors optionally available (eg. anemometer, moisture sensors, lux and degree of turbulence sensors) for a variety of different measuring applications
  • alt text en pi_testo-435-2_iaq-meter-1

    testo 435-2 - Indoor air quality meter

    Order-Nr. 0563 4352

    Price on Request

    • Comprehensive range of measuring functions using optionally available accessories – e.g. anemometers, moisture sensors, lux and degree of turbulence sensors
    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings
  • testo 635-2

    testo 635-2 - Temperature and moisture meter

    Order-Nr. 0563 6352

    ฿18 300.00
    excl. VAT

    • Optionally available sensors for moisture, temperature, pressure dew point and absolute pressure measurements
    • 2 plug-in sensors and 3 wireless sensors can be connected
  • testo 635-1

    testo 635-1 - temperature and humidity measuring instrument

    Order-Nr. 0560 6351

    ฿12 790.00
    excl. VAT

    • Probes available as an option mean you can measure air humidity, temperature, absolute pressure and dew point in compressed air
    • Two plug-in probes and 3 radio probes can be attached
  • Testo 435-1

    testo 435-1 - Multi-function climate measuring instrument

    Order-Nr. 0560 4351

    Price on Request

    • You have the option of connecting thermal anemometers and vane anemometers for measuring air velocity and volumetric flow in ventilation ducts
    • Air quality: measurement of CO2, air humidity, air temperature and absolute pressure with the optional IAQ probe
  • testo 435-3

    testo 435-3 - Multi-function climate measuring instrument

    Order-Nr. 0560 4353

    Price on Request

    • Includes differential pressure measurement for filter monitoring or for measurement with a Pitot tube
    • Further optional probes can be attached: thermal and vane anemometers, along with probes for air humidity, CO2, absolute pressure and temperature
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