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Do your food checks

With Testo food measuring technology.

For quick spot checks and simple monitoring.

A team effort.

For spot checks and monitoring.

To ensure that your food is completely safe, Testo’s certified measuring instruments will help you to maintain high food quality and comply with HACCP requirements. Fast and simple, along the entire production chain.

Simplicity guaranteed.

Safety guaranteed. Delicious food guaranteed.

Tools from Testo work together seamlessly: High-precision hand-held measuring instruments are ideal for quick temperature checks on incoming goods and during food prep. Reliable data loggers monitor the conditions during storage.

Rapid spot checks

  • Infrared/penetration thermometer

  • Food temperature monitoring - fast and precise

  • Compact, watertight, HACCP-compliant

Seamless monitoring

  • Wireless data logger

  • Monitor storage temperature continuously

  • Automatic alarms when limit values are exceeded

Good for quality.

Good for business.

We take a holistic approach to food safety: From Incoming Goods to storage.

From production to restaurant operations. With food measuring instruments to suit every need, every budget and every taste.

The safe choice:

The advantages of using food measuring instruments from Testo

Exceptionally robust and easy to use

Comply with strict HACCP guidelines

Certified to IP 65 and IP 67

Help save time and money

The right tool to suit every taste.