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Mini surface thermometer

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  • Measurement of high temperatures up to +300 °C
  • Extra wide measuring tip for placing on a flat measuring point
  • Many areas of application: heating engineering, sanitation sector, and air conditioning/ventilation/refrigeration technology
  • Perfect for checking surface temperatures
  • Ideal for surface temperature measurements: the mini surface thermometer from Testo is easy to use and offers reliable results. Its particularly wide, flat measuring tip makes it easy to place on surfaces and measure temperatures of up to +300 °C.

    The mini surface thermometer from Testo provides you with the best equipment for carrying out surface temperature checks. Its particularly wide measuring tip makes it easy to place on a smooth surface. We recommend our silicon thermal paste (optional) for fast measurement results. This provides optimal thermal transference between the measuring tip and object being measured.


    Mini surface thermometer performance features

    The mini surface thermometer has a wide range of applications and can be used for the most varied methods of surface temperature measurements: e.g. for temperature checks in heating engineering, the sanitation sector, or air conditioning/refrigeration and ventilation technology. The diverse potential uses are not only down to its practical size (120 mm long probe shaft), but also its large measuring range. In fact, the mini surface thermometer allows you to measure temperatures from -50 to +300 °C.

    Your surface temperature measurement result is easy to read on the clear digital display. Choose between °C and °F for the unit displayed. Using the mini surface thermometer could hardly be any easier. 


    Mini surface thermometer including batteries.


    General technical data

    18 g
    145 x 45 x 25 mm ((LxWxH))
    Operating temperature
    -10 to +50 °C
    Product-/housing material
    Product colour
    Length probe shaft
    120 mm
    Length probe shaft tip
    10 mm
    Diameter probe shaft
    3.5 mm
    Diameter probe shaft tip
    15 mm
    Battery type
    Button cell LR44
    Display type
    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    Display size
    Storage temperature
    -20 to +70 °C