Food Safety: If you can measure it, you can improve it.

Digital food safety with Testo puts key performance measures at the fingertips of multi-site operators, regional managers, and corporate executives.  The Testo Saveris system will enable you to make decisions based on data every day.  Managers can now see which locations are on track for daily checks and put resources where they are needed.  Employees can rely on automated alerts to address issues and pay more attention to food quality and the customer experience.


Visibility across
multiple sites

Digital QA

Improve quality
and lower costs

Optimizing processes restaurant

Real time data
lowers inventory risk

Quality management digital
  • Automated alarms eliminate the risk of rising temperatures
  • No longer worry about open doors, power outages, and faulty equipment
  • 60+ years of helping customers avoid loss with reliable data

Case Study: teams Service Stations


Benefits and Partnership: testo Saveris Restaurant

Sensors testo Saveris

Reliable recording of quality data.

Software testo Saveris

Analyze and document data and processes.

Services testo Saveris

Your support for set-up, operation and servicing.


Discover the benefits of the testo Saveris System

Testimonials of food service businesses around the world


Quality written large: testo Saveris Restaurant in France

NINKASI sets standards in quality in the French event gastro scene: with testo Saveris Restaurant.
Hungry Lion testo Saveris

Not just for hungry lions: testo Saveris in South Africa

With Hungry Lion, one of South Africa’s most popular restaurant chains is relying on testo Saveris Restaurant.

A success story: Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG and Testo

The market leader in Swiss highway gastronomy relies on testo Saveris Restaurant to guarantee the quality and freshness of the product range even more efficiently.



Audit Ready

Always ready for a health inspector or internal assessment.


Employees Win

Enable everyone to follow corporate requirements with guided workflows and how to information at their finger tips.


Save Money

Lower operating costs and eliminating product loss with modern tools.


Multi-site Visibility

Saveris Food Safety provides visibility and insights.

"Now that we have signed a contract with testo, I would say that cost was not a factor ... I think food safety is an important part of your business. There is that reputational risk that a lot of smart, sensible business owners really want to focus on, as well as brand protection. For us the biggest driving factor "is what value does this tool bring".

- Ashmeet Kaur, Off The Grid

Your advantages of digital quality management
with testo Saveris Restaurant:

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