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Moisture meter

A Testo moisture meter (also called a thermohygrometer, hygrometer or humidity meter) measures humidity and material moisture reliably, quickly and precisely.

Measure humidity with a hygrometer

The humidity that occurs in a room essentially depends on the following factors:

  • Production of humidity in the room

  • Air exchange with the outside air

  • Ability of walls and installations to absorb humidity

  • Transport of humidity by external building components

Testo moisture meters offer you the following

  • Large selection of different measuring instruments and probes

  • Fast, accurate measurement results

  • Robust construction with reliable brand quality

Our moisture meters and hygrometers

Where do you want to measure humidity?

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Measure material moisture with a moisture meter

Material moisture is mostly measured when it is a case of determining the moisture content of building materials or fuels. In both cases, it is vital that the moisture is below defined limit values. A digital moisture meter for material moisture supports you in this process.

Determine humidity with a moisture meter – but correctly

  • Make sure that neither body heat nor the air you breathe reaches the probe or moisture meter

  • For the best possible results with your moisture meter, always move the probe gently when you measure humidity

  • Adhere to the acclimatization time for hygrometers and probes

testo 440 Humidity Kit with Bluetooth

Measure moisture – intuitively

  • Stored menus for long-term measurement and parallel determination of humidity and temperature of the air

  • Automatic calculation of dewpoint, wet bulb temperature and absolute humidity

  • Wireless humidity probe for particularly convenient work

  • The testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument / moisture meter can be extended with a wide range of digital probes

Indoor air quality and comfort level

Air humidity has a crucial influence in terms of how well or unwell people in a room feel. The ideal ambient humidity is between 30 and 65% RH. In addition, temperature is also of course crucial. As you certainly know: high humidity can be extremely stressful at correspondingly high temperatures. You soon feel as if you were in the jungle.

That is why a Testo moisture meter is generally fitted with humidity and temperature sensors. This means you can always keep an eye on the two corresponding values. Depending on the model, your moisture meter can also calculate and show the dewpoint temperature based on these values. This is in turn crucial in terms of assessing areas in a room that are susceptible to mould.

The moisture on surfaces can also be measured really easily from a distance with an appropriate measuring instrument. At the same time, you can choose between two options: