testo 750-3 - Voltage tester

Order-Nr.  0590 7503

  • Clear, patented all-round LED display 

  • In accordance with DIN EN 61243-3:2011 and CAT III

  • LC display showing the reading

  • RC trigger function and vibrating load buttons

The testo 750-3 voltage tester is the most high-performance model in Testo's convenient and reliable voltage tester family. In addition to the unique fibre-optic technology, the single pole voltage testing, the torch for measuring point illumination and the all-round LED display, it also has an LC display where the value currently being measured is shown.

Product Description

The testo 750-3 voltage tester is the most innovative voltmeter on the market. The clear all-round LED display with fibre-optic technology for ideal voltage indication can easily be read in any position. A second LC display also indicates the current reading. An anti-slip ring and the ergonomic shape of the handle also ensure you can work comfortably. The integrated torch helps with the illumination of dark measuring points. And the voltage tester is extremely durable thanks to the robust housing.

The testo 750-3 voltage tester is first and foremost suitable for determining voltage or de-energization on electrical circuits or systems. In addition, it can also be used to test continuity, measure rotating magnetic fields and test residual current circuit breakers via the RC trigger function. Vibrating load buttons ensure that trigger tests cannot be carried out accidentally.



Delivery Scope

testo 750-3 voltage tester, including batteries, measuring tip protector, measuring tip caps, calibration protocol and instruction manual.
DC voltage

Measuring range

12 to 690 V


max. 0.1 V


± (3 % of mv + 5 Digit)

AC voltage

Measuring range

12 to 690 V


max. 0.1 V


± (3 % of mv + 5 Digit)

General technical data

Operating humidity

0 to 95 %RH


295 g


270 x 70 x 35 mm

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 °C

Product colour


Protection class



EN 61243-3; EN 61326-1; EN 61010-1

Battery type

2 AAA micro batteries

Display type

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Display size


Storage temperature

-15 to +60 °C

Overvoltage Category

CAT IV 600V; CAT III 1000V



Instrument Measurement Functions

Continuity testing


Display ligthing




RDC/RC trigger function


Rotating magnetic field testing


Single pole phase testing


Measuring point illumination


Ideal for voltage testing

  • Clear, all-round LED display, LCD, large fibre optic, torch for measuring point illumination, anti-slip ring and ergonomic handle, RCD trigger function, vibrating load buttons

Overview of applications

  • Test electrical circuits or systems for voltage or de-energization (according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010)
  • Single pole voltage testing to determine whether conductors are live
  • Checking the rotating magnetic field
  • Checking RCD circuit breakers
  • Testing voltage supply in live wires