Food safety

State-certified food controls

The work as a food inspector is demanding and requires not only the necessary specialist knowledge but also the right measuring technology. To support you in your daily work in the service of the consumer, we have approved products with which you are optimally equipped.

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Highly accurate temperature measuring instrument testo 112 in a kit

  • Temperature measuring instrument with PTB approval

  • Reliable precision - at low and high temperatures

  • Integrated self-check for safety before starting the measurement

  • Temperature sensors with PTB approval are optionally available

Measuring instrument kits for professional food controls

  • Precision measuring technology for demanding jobs

  • Special transport case for unrestricted mobility

Further applications

Instrumenti za mjerenje temperature u uporabi

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Temperature measurement

Reliable food temperature control.

Cooking oil tester

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Frying oil measurement

Simple and objective determination of the frying oil quality.

Data loggers

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Data monitoring

For a secure cold chain.

RPM mjerni instrumenti

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ph measurement

Simple pH value measurement in various media.

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