High-precision immersion/penetration probe (Pt100)

Order-Nr.  0614 0235

kn 3041,50
sa PDV-om kn 3801,88
  • Pt100 sensor for highly accurate measurement results

  • Potential system accuracy of 0.05 °C at a resolution of 0.001 °C (depending on the measuring instrument connected)

  • Optional calibration to ISO or DAkkS possible

  • Measuring range: -80 to +300 °C

In conjunction with an appropriate temperature measuring instrument – e.g. the testo 735 – the high-precision immersion/penetration probe can achieve a system accuracy of 0.05 °C at a resolution of 0.001 °C.


Product Description

High-precision temperature measurements pose no problem for this immersion/penetration probe with Pt100 sensor. Combined with a suitable Testo temperature measuring instrument, such as the testo 735, its system accuracy is so high that the measurement system can also be used as a working standard. The probe is ideal for applications in quality assurance, for calibration services and in laboratories.

Delivery Scope

High-precision immersion/penetration probe (Pt100) with fixed cable including calibration protocol.

Technical Data

Temperature - Pt100

Measuring range

-80 to +300 °C


±0,3 °C (-80 to -40,001 °C)

±(0,1 °C + 0,05 % of mv) (-40 to -0,001 °C)

±0,05 °C (0 to +100 °C)

±(0,05 °C + 0,05 % of mv) (100,001 to 300 °C)

Reaction time

60 s

General technical data

Diameter probe shaft

4 mm

Fixed cable


Length probe shaft

295 mm

kn 3041,50
sa PDV-om kn 3801,88