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Measuring solutions for cleanrooms

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건축물 열화상 측정에 이상적

In the area of building technology, various measurement solutions help you to uncover problems in the building (building moisture, mould, thermal bridges) or to determine optimisation potential (energy consulting).

건물분석 및 에너지 컨설팅

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열화상 카메라를 통한 누설 점검

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Identify the risk of mould

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Water and moisture damage

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건물분석 및 에너지 컨설팅

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에너지 컨설팅은 늘 화려하고 큰 건물에만 진행한다고 생각을 했습니다.

Building thermography application videos

Video: Building thermography with the testo 883

What our customers say

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Kuno Schlatter

Clever complete package for energy consultants: Thermal imager testo 883 with pro software testo IRSoft in testing.

Eschig Innenarchitekten

Sees what others do not see: The testo 883 thermal imager with the highest image quality.

AEON architecten

Made for the highest demands: The testo 883 thermal imager with best image quality and professional software testo IRSoft.

실용 가이드

thermography for building contractors

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Energy-saving potentials

Thermography as an efficient measuring instrument for the construction sector

Technical features of thermal imaging cameras

Advantages of an investment

And much more ...

More information about building thermography

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Brochure building thermography

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Brochure testo 865/868/871/872

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Your advantages of Testo thermal imagers in building thermography

Identify the finest differences: High thermal sensitivity (NETD)

  • Finest temperature differences become visible

  • Even for the smallest structures

  • For meaningful thermal images

Thermal imaging cameras for safe energy generation

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Product comparison

All Testo thermal imaging cameras in comparison

Find the thermal imager that best fits your building thermography needs.


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