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Research and development

The testo 890 thermal imager for Research and Development

연구개발(R&D)분야의 효율적인 개발 프로세스 확립 및 빠른 에러 확인

고감도의 열화상 카메라로 아래와 같은 사항을 수행할 수 있습니다.

  • 한계점 사전 발견

  • 실시간 열로 인한 이상지점 확인 (냉각 및 가열 프로세스)

  • 전기 부품의 안전한 테스트 시험

  • 전기회로 기판의 열 발생 및 이동 분석을 통한 개발 프로세스 최적화

Applications in research

분석 및 최적화

회로기판의 전자 부품은 날이갈수록 작아지고, 사이의 간격이 점점 좁아지고 있습니다. 또한 열 전도에 대한 수요도 증가하고 있습니다. 이것이 테스토 열화상 카메라를 이용하면 개발 시간과 리소스를 줄일 수 있는 이유입니다.

  • 10cm 미만의 초점 거리로 정확한 온도 분포 시각화

  • 최고온도 및 전열 간 직류 신호의 빠르고 쉬운 분석

  • 전열 최적화

Process analysis package

The optional process analysis package includes the feature of sequence storage in the imager. This allows you to record and save temperature developments at freely selectable intervals directly in the thermal imager testo 890 – wirelessly and without a PC.

The package also includes fully radiometric video measurement. It offers you the possibility of analyzing saved videos and sequences in the clearly structured software Testo IRSoft.
You can also stream radiometric measurement data via online measurement into the analysis software at up to 25 Hz, and record sequences. This means that all changes are immediately visible in the thermal image, even in fast-moving processes.
In addition to this, the video measurement offers you the possibility of controlling the imager remotely, and of saving individual images either as a thermal image of a JPEG-file.

Sequence storage and full radiometric video

Process analysis package retrofit

Do you already own a testo 890? If so, you can retrofit the process analysis package easily and conveniently.

More information

This is how it works in practice

차압 압력계

Application example


Application example: Quality assurance in electronics

The heat development of electronic components on a circuit board can affect the function of adjacent assemblies and even lead to the malfunction of the whole circuit. With the testo 890 thermal imager, you can

  • Carry out detailed investigation of small components and fine structures in terms of their thermal behaviour

  • Monitor heat development over longer periods of time and in different load conditions

  • Carry out simple, comprehensive analysis and documentation of thermal processes using testo IRSoft

Find out how the testo 890 can enhance analyses in quality assurance and speed up optimization processes.

Application example


Application example: Accelerating research and development

Research and development departments have to design products and make them ready for the market in increasingly shorter timescales. To do this, problem areas must be detected at an early stage, comprehensively analyzed and effectively optimized. With the testo 890 thermal imager, you can

  • Visualize and investigate fine structures and heat differences

  • Record and analyze thermal processes over longer periods of time

  • Transfer measuring values from the thermal images to temperature-time diagrams and export them as images or Excel files

Find out how testing and development processes can be significantly speeded up using the testo 890.

Reference report


Reference report: Technical University of Vienna

Rotor gears transmit power from the drive to the rotor and are therefore exposed to extreme mechanical stresses. Scientists from the Technical University of Vienna use the testo 890 thermal imager for numerous testing and optimization tasks:

  • Thermal anomalies on gear wheels, bearings and shafts indicate a need for optimization in terms of design.

  • Long-term recordings with different mechanical loads enable conclusions to be drawn about reliability and service life.

  • Thanks to compatibility with LabVIEW, the image data can be processed using the programming software used at the Institute and saved in a structured way.

Find out why the testo 890 has become an indispensable testing and measuring instrument for the scientists in other respects too.

Tech Sheets

Detect more through excellent temperature measurement accuracy

Did you know that the testo 890 thermal imager has one of the best temperature accuracies on the market? You can find out all the technical background in the Tech Sheet.

Go to reading sample

What characterises high temperature accuracy?

What does a good sensor have to be able to do?

What role does comparison play?

How can measurement data be precisely analysed with LabVIEW?

Applications in development

부품의 절연 지점 확인

고온의 환경에서 개발되어야 하는 부품과 온도에 예민한 부품은 종종 대형 공간에서 한번에 조립되는 경우가 있습니다. 예민한 부품이 과열되지 않게 하기 위해서는 개별 부품이나 전체 공정이 확실하게 분리될 필요가 있습니다. 이 과정에서 열화상 카메라는 다음과 같은 역할을 수행할 수 있습니다.

  • 열 분포 측정 및 열화상 카메라 전용 한글 소프트웨어 IRSoft를 통한 분석

  • 각기다른 절연 재료 분석 및 실험 가능

  • 고가의 상품 손상을 예방하기 위한 최적의 절연 처리

  • 절연처리가 제대로 수행되지 않을 경우 빠른 점검 가능

  • 냉각 부품을 위한 효율적인 해결책 개발

차압 압력계

Thermal imagers for research & development

차압 압력계

testo 890 brochure

Top level thermography.

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