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ISO 교정 성적서 - ISO 교정 성적서

0520 0490
  • 3 가지 보정 포인트 : 0 ° C, + 100 ° C 및 +200 ° C
  • 열화상 카메라의 보정
  • ISO 표준에 따름
  • ISO 교정 성적서
    Annual calibration is required wherever thermal imagers are used in quality-related areas. This is because even the smallest measurement errors can have critical consequences.

    In most cases, ISO calibrations which fulfil the requirements of the various standards and are traceable to national standards are sufficient. What are referred to as ISO certificates are then issued for these calibrations.

    This ISO calibration certificate for temperature certifies that your thermal imager is calibrated at the following points:
    0 °C, +100 °C and +200 °C.

    If you want ISO calibration at other calibration points, you can also order an ISO calibration certificate with freely selectable measuring points (0520 0495).

    ISO calibration certificate for thermal imager with the calibration points: 0 / +100 / +200 °C.

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