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Starter Set - 반고체 매체용 pH / 온도 측정기

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  • 반고체 매질에서 pH 값과 온도를 측정하는데 이상적입니다.
  • 온도 프로브가 있는 결합된 침투 팁으로 자동 온도 보상 가능
  • 겔 전해질로 유지 보수가 필요없는 pH 측정
  • 세트의 장점 : 필수 액세서리는 항상 손에 있어야합니다 (예 : 교정용 병)
  • 육류, 치즈, 반죽 등의 pH 측정에 적합한 식품분야 전문가용 pH 측정기 testo 205 기본 세트 (본체, 벨트/벽걸이용 브라켓, 젤 보관캡, pH 버퍼액, 알루미늄 케이스 포함)
    In food production, the pH value and temperature play a key role. With the testo 205, you can measure the pH value and temperature in semi-solid media at the same time. Since the pH/temperature measuring instrument is extremely robust, particularly the pH measuring tip, the testo 205 is frequently used to monitor the quality and degree of maturation of meat. For example, in butcher's shops, slaughterhouses and in the meat-processing industry.

    Smart measuring technology - advantages offered by the testo 205 for pH value and temperature measurement

    • The testo 205 enables pH measurements to be carried out in semi-solid media. The integrated temperature sensor ensures precise temperature compensation, and therefore accurate pH measurement
    • The pH probe is maintenance-free, leak-proof and insensitive to dirt thanks to the gel electrolyte in the probe
    • The hole diaphragm of the pH probe enables quick, reliable pH measurement
    • The combined pH measuring tip with temperature probe can be replaced by the user. This saves you the cost of purchasing a new measuring instrument

    Equipment and features of the pH/temperature measuring instrument starter set

    • pH value and temperature are shown simultaneously on the illuminated display. You can therefore keep an eye on both values at all times
    • The automatic final value recognition (auto-hold) records the measuring value as soon as this is stable. An advisory tone informs you when the measuring value is stable
    • Storage cap with gel: the storage cap, which is filled with gel electrolyte and attached to the pH probe, is used to store the probe between measurements. The electrolyte gel promotes the durability of the pH probe and reduces maintenance time and costs
    • The belt/wall bracket supplied enables the measuring instrument to be stored safely on the wall or on a belt
    • Calibration: the pH/temperature measuring instrument can be calibrated at one, two or three points
    • Calibration dosing bottles: our DAkkS-certified calibration solutions are suitable for calibrating the pH probe. The pH probe is calibrated in the integrated dosing aperture of the calibration dosing bottle. This guarantees economical use of the calibration solution
    • Aluminium case: the robust case enables the pH/temperature measuring instrument to be transported safely

    testo 205 pH temperature measuring instrument starter set, incl. storage cap with gel and calibration dosing bottles 250 ml pH 4 and 7, belt/wall bracket and aluminium case.


    기술 데이터

    135 g
    145 x 38 x 167 mm ((LxWxH))
    작동 온도
    0 ~ +50 °C
    하우징 재질
    플라스틱 (ABS)
    제품 색상
    CE 2014/30/EU
    프로브 샤프트 길이
    25 mm
    프로브 샤프트 직경
    11 mm
    DIN EN 12830
    배터리 종류
    버튼셀(LR44) 4개
    배터리 수명
    80시간(자동 on/off 10분)
    디스플레이 종류
    디스플레이 크기
    2 lines
    측정 비율
    2 초당 측정
    보관 온도
    -20 ~ +70 °C