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열선 풍속 프로브, Ø 10 mm - 유량, 온도, 습도 및 압력

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  • 1 프로브에서 4 가지 기능 : 유량, 온도, 습도 및 절대 압력 측정
  • 견고하고 회전 할 수없는 망원경 (1100mm까지 확장 가능)
  • 지능형 교정 개념
  • 유량 측정 범위 : 0 ~ + 20 m / s
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    후속 모델은 testo 400 또는 testo 440과만 호환됩니다.
    Use the hot wire probe (thermal anemometer) to determine flow velocity and volume flow in ventilation ducts or at wall/ceiling outlets. It is particularly suitable for low and medium flow velocities up to +20 m/s. The probe can also measure temperature, humidity and absolute pressure simultaneously.

    The hot wire probe is equipped with a robust, non-rotatable telescope, which can be extended to a maximum length of 1100 mm. The immersion depth is easy to read off thanks to the scaling on the telescope.

    For easier handling, the probe can be bent up to an angle of 90°. On the handle there is a practical measuring button, which activates storage of the readings. So you can fully focus on the positioning of the probe in the ventilation duct.

    Intelligent calibration concept

    The probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. The digital probe allows readings to be processed directly in the probe. This technology eliminates instrument measurement uncertainty. The probe can be returned on its own (without the measuring instrument) for calibration. Calculating the determined calibration data in the probe generates a zero-error display.

    Hot wire probe (Ø 10 mm) with telescope (can be extended to 1100 mm).

    Note: you need a plug-in head cable (0430 0100) for this probe.


    NTC 센서 측정 범위
    -20 ~ +70 °C
    NTC 센서 정확도
    ±0.5 °C

    습도 - 용량

    습도 측정범위
    0 ~ 100 %RH
    정전용량형 습도센서 정확도
    ±(1.8 %RH + 0.7 측정값의 %)


    절대압 측정 범위
    +700 ~ +1100 hPa
    절대압 정확도
    ±3 hPa


  • 교정성적서
    Calibration certificate
    ISO 교정 성적서/온도
      0520 0181
    • 교정성적서
      Calibration certificate
      ISO 교정 성적/습도
        0520 0006
      • 교정성적서
        Calibration certificate
        ISO 교정성적서/풍속
          0520 0004
        • 교정성적서
          Calibration certificate
          DKD 교정 성적서/ 온도
            0520 0211
          • 교정성적서
            Calibration certificate
            DKD 교정 성적서/풍속
              0520 0244
            • 액세서리