Met de testo multimeters is het selecteren van verkeerde instellingen is niet meer mogelijk dankzij het automatische herkenning van de meting en parameters. Bij de herkenning van de paramater licht de bijhorende functieknop op waardoor meetfouten maken onmogelijk is.

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  • testo 760-1 - Digital multimeter

    Bestelnr. 0590 7601

    No dial, no risk: The testo 760-1 digital multimeter gives you easier and more reliable measurement of all important electrical parameters than ever before. Assignment of the measuring sockets enables automatic detection of measurement parameters. You don't need to make any adjustments – and you can't make any mistakes.

    • Easy, reliable operation through automatic measurement parameter detection

    • Prevents incorrect settings

    • Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks

    • Clear, illuminated display

    € 89,00
    € 107,69 inclusief btw
  • testo 760-3 - Digital multimeter

    Bestelnr. 0590 7603

    The testo 760-3 is the most high-performance model in Testo's digital multimeter family. In addition to automatic detection of measurement parameters, it is characterized by a voltage measuring range of up to 1,000 V along with large measuring ranges for frequency and capacitance. The digital multimeter is therefore also suitable for industrial applications.

    • Easy, reliable work thanks to automatic measurement parameter detection

    • Comfortable, one-handed operation without any dial

    • Voltage range up to 1,000 V

    • Additional functions, such as true root mean square measurement - TRMS, low-pass filter and temperature adapter

    € 199,00
    € 240,79 inclusief btw
  • testo 760-2 - Digital multimeter

    Bestelnr. 0590 7602

    The testo 760-2 digital multimeter is the allrounder for all important electrical measuring tasks. Thanks to the automatic detection of measurement parameters, it offers the greatest possible reliability for every application. You can also measure current in the µA range and determine the true root mean square using this digital multimeter.

    • Integrated temperature adapter

    • Current measurement in the µA range

    • True root mean square measurement - TRMS

    • Low-pass filter for accurate measurement results on frequency converter controlled motors

    € 149,00
    € 180,29 inclusief btw
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