Industriële sonde Set 1200 °C

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  • Very easy to handle

  • Can be used in combination with testo 340 and testo 350

  • Unheated sampling tube (1 200 °C) can be extended up to max. 3 m using optional extension tubes

  • Additional inline filter to protect the gas sampling hose from contamination

Industriële sonde Set 1200 °C
bestaande uit:
- Onverwarmde handvat
- Onverwarmde sondebuis tot 1200 ° C rookgastemperatuur
- Onverwarmde rookgasslang met inline filter, lengte 4 m
- Thermokoppel type K, lengte 1,2 m

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The industrial probe set 1 200 °C can be used in combination with the flue gas analyzers testo 340 and testo 350. It is suitable for the extractive sampling of flue gas analyzed at high flue gas temperatures of up to 1 200 °C and for applications involving large flue gas pipe diameters.

The unheated sampling tube can be extended up to 3 m using optional extension tubes. The thermocouple (2.2m) can be added as an accessory to enable you to carry out simultaneous temperature measurement with a 2m long probe. An optional preliminary filter makes it possible to measure flue gas with a high dust load.


You can use the industrial probe set 1 200 °C – in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument – for the following applications:

  • Measuring the furnace atmosphere
  • Emissions measurement for efficiency monitoring / commissioning industrial plants
  • Emissions measurements for the prior checking of limit values
  • Emissions measurements for checking flue gas cleaning systems
  • Emissions measurement to monitor prescribed limit values



The industrial probe set 1 200 °C consists of the following components: