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  • testo 552 - Digitale vacuümmeter met Bluetooth

    Bestelnr. 0560 5522

    Nauwkeurig, betrouwbaar en robuust: de digitale vacuümmeter testo 552 met Bluetooth is geschikt voor de evacuatie van koelinstallaties en warmtepompen.
    • Controle van de meetwaarden via testo Smart Probes App

    • Versturen van de meetwaarden via de testo Smart Probes App

    • Nauwkeurig, robuust en praktisch met optisch alarm en verlicht display

    • Meting van druk en automatische berekening van de verdampingstemperatuur van H2O

    € 150,00
    € 181,50 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 405 i - thermal anemometer with smartphone operation

    Bestelnr. 0560 1405

    With the testo 405i hot wire anemometer, you can measure air velocities, temperatures and volume flows. Via Bluetooth, the readings are transmitted wirelessly straight to the testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone or tablet. You can view the values conveniently and use numerous intelligent features:
    • for measuring volume flow, air velocity and temperature

    • Simple configuration of the dimension and geometry of the duct cross-section for determining the volume flow

    • Convenient for working in ventilation ducts thanks to its telescopic tube, which can be extended up to 400 mm

    • Really convenient to operate thanks to the testo Smart Probes App (e.g. easy viewing of readings, measurement data trend, log function)

    € 90,00
    € 108,90 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo Smart Probes VAC set - with smartphone operation

    Bestelnr. 0563 0003

    With the Testo Smart Probes VAC set, you can check air velocities, humidity, volume flows and temperatures in, on and around air conditioning systems. The robust testo Smart Case enables the measuring instruments to be conveniently transported and ensures that they are always to hand when needed.
    • Easy parametrization of the outlet/duct cross-section for measuring the volume flow

    • List of multiple volume flows and calculation of the total volume flow (in the log)

    • Identification of mould risk thanks to the combined utilization of testo 605i and testo 805i

    • Rapid image documentation with IR temperature readings and measuring spot marking

    € 315,00
    € 381,15 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 605 i - thermohygrometer with smartphone operation

    Bestelnr. 0560 1605

    The compact testo 605i temperature and humidity measuring instrument features professional measuring technology in an intelligent format: it can be used in conjunction with a smartphone/tablet and the testo Smart Probes App to reliably measure air temperature and humidity in rooms and ducts.
    • Automatic calculation of the dew point and wet-bulb temperature

    • Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App 

    • Clear identification of areas susceptible to mould via traffic light principle

    € 75,00
    € 90,75 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 410 i - vane anemometer with smartphone operation

    Bestelnr. 0560 1410

    Professional measuring technology in a small format: the compact testo 410i vane anemometer with smartphone operation measures the volume flow, air velocity and temperature at air outlets quickly and reliably. The testo Smart Probes App enables readings to be viewed conveniently and offers intelligent additional functions.
    • Measurement of air velocity, volume flow and temperature

    • Display of the volume flow of multiple outlets in order to adjust systems

    • Easy parametrization of the outlet (dimension and geometry)

    • Convenient viewing of readings on a smartphone/tablet with the testo Smart Probes App

    € 75,00
    € 90,75 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 805 i - infrared thermometer with smartphone operation

    Bestelnr. 0560 1805

    Carry out non-contact and App-controlled measurement of wall temperatures, as well as fuse and component temperatures in air conditioning systems: with the professional testo 805i infrared thermometer with 8-point laser circle for highly visible measuring spot marking. 
    • Non-contact infrared measurement of surface temperature

    • Easy selection of emission level via stored materials list

    • Highly visible marking of the measuring spot thanks to 8-point laser

    • Image documentation with readings and measuring spot marking

    € 75,00
    € 90,75 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 420 - Luchtdebietsmeter voor grote luchtroosters


    Bestelnr. 0563 4200

    Voor een debietsmeting aan grotere roosters (600 x 600mm) is de luchtdebietsmeter testo 420 bijzonder geschikt. De meetkap met het afneembare meettoestel is niet enkel een lichtgewicht, hij levert ook nauwkeurige meetresultaten zelfs aan wervelroosters.  
    • Debietsmeting van grotere roosters maar ook meting van temperatuur en relatieve vochtigheid

    • Uniek lichtgewicht van slechts 2,9 kg

    • Nauwkeurige meetresultaten aan wevelroosters dankzij de geïntegreerde stabilisator

    • Snelle installatie, comfortabele bediening en ter plaatse opmaken van meetrapporten met de speciale App

    € 2.199,00
    € 2.660,79 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
  • testo 420 - Differential pressure measuring instrument

    Bestelnr. 0560 0420

    Use the testo 420 differential pressure measuring instrument to carry out simple, efficient tests on filters. You can also use the measuring instrument in conjunction with a Pitot tube to measure flow velocity and volume flow really easily in ventilation ducts.
    • Differential pressure measurement, e.g. to check filters in air conditioning and ventilation systems

    • Calculate flow velocity and volume flow using a Pitot tube

    • Handy instrument featuring a large display and user-friendly menu guidance

    • Save measurement data for analysis and documentation

    € 770,00
    € 931,70 inclusief btw, Bebat en Recupel
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