testo 745 - Non-contact voltage tester

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  • Voltage range up to 1,000 V

  • Waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67

  • Adjustable for phase detection or voltage indication

  • Visual and acoustic signal

The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester is ideally suited for fast initial checking of any suspected fault sources. It filters high-frequency interference signals and has a two-stage sensitivity setting.


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The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester means you can quickly and easily determine voltage or de-energization. In contrast to most other models on the market, it has a filter for high-frequency interference signals which enables reliable voltage indication. If voltage is determined, the instrument gives a warning via a clear visual and acoustic signal.

The sensitivity of the instrument can be set in two stages: stage 1 for phase detection, stage 2 for voltage indication. The integrated torch also enables you to work safely in dark surroundings. In addition, the testo 745 voltage tester is both waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67.



testo 745 non-contact voltage tester, including batteries, calibration protocol and instruction manual.
DC voltage

Measuring Range

12 … 1000 V

AC voltage

Measuring Range

12 … 1000 V

Algemene technische gegevens


155 x 25 x 23 mm

Operating temperature

-10 … +50 °C




3 AAA micro batterijen


-15 … +60 °C


63 g

Overspanning categorie

CAT IV 600V; CAT III 1000V



Instrument Measurement Functions

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Ideal for voltage testing

  • Voltage range up to 1000 V, filter for high-frequency interference signals, waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67, adjustable sensitivity (2 levels), visual and acoustic signal, integrated torch for measuring point illumination

Overview of applications

  • Non-contact voltage testing
  • Searching for cable breakages
  • Locating live and neutral wires