testoterm - Measuring points (+71 °C)

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  • Temperature point +71 °C

  • Self-adhesive measuring points for checking the temperature to a specific maximum temperature

  • Colour change within 2 to 3 seconds if limit value is exceeded

  • 50 measuring points in one book

The self-adhesive testoterm measuring points can be affixed to the measurement object for temperature monitoring purposes and respond to temperature increases within 2 to 3 seconds by changing colour.

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testoterm measuring points are self-adhesive, temperature-sensitive films that respond by changing colour when a certain temperature is exceeded. They are ideal for monitoring the temperature of products and processes where a specific temperature must not be exceeded.


Using the measuring points

The measuring points are supplied in a book of 50. Just like stickers, they can be easily removed from the book and affixed on the measurement object.

As soon as the specific temperature point (+71 °C) is exceeded, the measuring point changes colour within 2 to 3 seconds. The colour change is permanent: once the temperature has been exceeded, the measuring point will not change back to neutral even if the temperature drops again. This means that a critical temperature increase can be identified even after an extended period.

Are you looking for a testoterm measuring point with a different temperature point? Measuring points are available for the following temperature points:
  • +65 °C
  • +77 °C
  • +82 °C
  • +110 °C
  • +121 °C



testoterm measuring points for the temperature point +71 °C, available in books of 50.
Note: price discounts are available for order quantities upwards of 5 books. 
Algemene technische gegevens


14 x 14 mm


+71 °C




max. +25 °C ¹⁾

1) Storage in refrigerator is recommended. The maximum transportation temperature is +25 °C and may not be exceeded. Storage up to 2 years.



+71 °C


±1,5 °C