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Gas turbines

High measurement accuracy at all gas concentrations.
Exhaust gas analyser testo 350

Not only in industry, but also in the field of communal power and heat supply, gas turbines have proven themselves as reliable and crucial components in combined heat and power plants (CHP), for example, or combined gas and steam power stations. The optimally adjusted operating parameters of a gas turbine are a deciding factor in whether the respective plant really works efficiently, productively and economically.

The complex interrelationship between the exhaust gas parameters and the adjustment of the combustion process forms the basis for an optimum performance. For this reason, it is important for efficient operation to have a reliable, highly precise measuring instrument to hand.

Good for the climate. And for the balance sheet.

Reducing emissions and energy costs

Ensuring the efficiency of gas turbines

For emission measurements on gas turbines, very low as well as very high gas concentrations have to be measure.

Very low CO and NOx emissions at the correct adjustment and the right operating point of the gas turbine:

  • In order to achieve as high a measurement accuracy as possible, the influencing factor of the exhaust gas humidity must be reduced. This includes above all the dilution of the exhaust gas parameters by a high exhaust humidity (gaseous state) as well as leaching due to chemical reactions between the exhaust gas parameters and condensate (liquid state).

Very high gas concentrations when starting up the plant and at differing load level:

  • During this procedure, a gas concentration peak can occur, which cannot be compensated by a low-sensor without dilution.

The advantages at a glance.

High-precision emission measurements with the testo 350

  • High measurement accuracy at low concentrations, thanks to precise COlow and NOlow sensors

  • Measure high concentrations and peaks without additional sensor thanks to measuring range extension and sensor protection

  • Integrated gas preparation protects from dilution of the measurement values by humidity and from leaching out, e.g. of NO2 by condensate in the exhaust gas

  • Ready to measure in 30 seconds

  • Easy, precise test gas adjustment on site by the user


Influencing and measured variables for gas turbines

From the municipal electricity and heating sector to the oil and gas industry - gas turbines are indispensable for generating large amounts of energy in the peak load range. In order for the fuel- and exhaust-gas-intensive process to run efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, the system must be optimally adjusted. You can find all the relevant topics in our latest white paper for service technicians:

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Analysing exhaust emissions

Increasing the efficiency of gas turbine systems

Precise measurement at very high and very low gas concentrations

Optimum adjustment of the combustion process

And much more...

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