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If you are responsible for maintaining compliance in a laboratory environment, you are faced with a variety of challenges. According to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, it’s not just the uncompromising quality of the final product which must be guaranteed. Predefined parameters also have to be adhered to throughout the process.

Measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions for laboratories

Ensuring quality and compliance in laboratories.

Not every measuring instrument meets the high compliance requirements in R&D processes. Medical, biotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories each have their own standards and guidelines, such as ISO 9001, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or 21 CFR Part 11.

With measuring instruments and services from Testo, you can be sure of maintaining compliance in laboratories. Reliable, resistant, high-precision: Find the right measuring solution for your laboratory requirements now.

Efficient, standard-compliant monitoring of ambient conditions in laboratories

Whether in experiments, test series, product developments or drug tests: the ambient climate affects the process sequence. Therefore, IAQ parameters in the laboratory have to be monitored and documented.

At Testo, you will find an efficient indoor climate monitoring solution that fits the requirements of your laboratory environment: whether that’s a simple hygrometer, stand-alone data loggers or even an automated environmental monitoring system.

The all-in-one solution: The testo Saveris Pharma environmental monitoring system

Uninterrupted monitoring during pharmaceutical production – using one system

  • Integrated system comprising sensors, software and services

  • Seamless recording and documentation of all audit-relevant IAQ parameters in pharmaceutical production

  • Compliant with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11


Standard-compliant monitoring of ambient conditions in laboratories

Expert knowledge on the norm-compliant monitoring of relevant ambient parameters in laboratories.

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Flexible and self-contained: Monitoring with hygrometers and data loggers

With Testo’s small and robust hygrometers and data loggers, continuous IAQ monitoring in a laboratory can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Users can place the flexible solution, consisting of self-contained instruments, wherever they are needed.

Our recommendations

  • Ensure a standard-compliant ambient climate: With the testo 608-H2 thermohygrometer, which is certified to DIN EN ISO 7726

  • Keep an eye on all ambient conditions during test set-ups and calibrations: With the testo 622 thermohygrometer and barometer

Comparison brochure data loggers

Which data logger is best for your application?

Download the comparison brochure now.

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IAQ measurement with the testo 400: Your multifunctional instrument for carrying out measurements in the laboratory

testo 400 with a wide range of probes:For IAQ parameter measurements and test measurements of critical processes, which require utmost precision and resilient equipment, Testo offers the testo 400 universal IAQ instrument with a wide range of probes.

testo 400 as a reference instrument

The high-precision Pt100 immersion/penetration probe achieves a system accuracy of 0.05 °C with a resolution of 0.001 °C.

Other areas of application

Find out more about the measurement solutions that can support you in your cleanroom, production and transport processes


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Services, measuring technology and know-how

Full service

Testo Industrial Services guarantees the first-class quality of your processes and products

  • Qualification & re-qualification

  • Measuring instrument calibration & validation

  • Staff training

Customized probes

Do standard probes not match your requirements? We can develop customized probes for you

  • Measuring range & accuracy

  • Probe tube length

  • Connection cable

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