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testo easyEmission software

The testo easyEmission PC software offers numerous functions for convenient measurement data management:

  • User-defined measurement intervals (1 measurement/second up to 1 measurement/hour)

  • Readings transmitted in seconds to Microsoft EXCEL®

  • User-defined fuels

  • Readings are shown in table or graphics form

  • Easy generation of customer-specific measurement protocols

Please note:

With the purchase of the testo easyEmission you received an activation code from us. After installation of the software, this activation code must be entered. Without entering the code, the software will run only as a demo version. It will expire after 30 days, but can be activated by an activation code at any time.

Do you not yet have an activation code, but would like to purchase the software or get prior information?

In order for us to be able to send you the testo easyEmission as a digital software download, please fill in the following fields: