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Reference report

Kuno Schlatter, building energy consultant.

Families and companies need to be able to rely on the recommendations of their energy consultant. After all, they have a direct influence on whether the value of the real estate is preserved, or can possibly even be increased. A good thermal imager is a great help in fulfilling this responsibility. In building energy consulting, the thermal images alone are not enough. Because in order to win the customers’ trust, the thermography reports must be convincing too. Kuno Schlatter, an energy consultant with many years of experience, is familiar with the challenges, and was immediately willing to thoroughly test the new thermal imager testo 883 with professional software testo IRSoft. Does it provide the support needed on a daily basis by building energy consultants? His conclusion: Just great!

Engineer Kuno Schlatter (65) has been working as an independent energy consultant for residential buildings for over 20 years, and is a member of the Baden-Wuerttemberg state association of building energy consultants, engineers and contractors (GIH). For 20 years, he has been organizing and leading building energy consultant courses for master contractors, technicians and engineers, who then sit a Freiburg Board of Trade examination. As a professional training college teacher, he taught joiners and construction apprentices at the Hans-Thoma-Schule in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany for 38 years. For over 30 years, he has taught constructional physics at the master joiners’ school as well as at the professional woodworking academy of the Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule in Freiburg. He has written numerous articles for professional magazines on the topic of heat insulation/energy savings/fire protection, and is cooperating with Europa-Verlag on two reference books.

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The challenge

Energy efficiency is a broad topic. Beyond the possibilities for financial savings and state subsidies, more and more real estate owners want to make a contribution to achieving climate targets. The energy optimization of buildings plays a measurable role in this. The demand for experienced and expert building energy consultants such as Kuno Schlatter is accordingly large. Kuno Schlatter is convinced of the added value provided by thermal images in the context of energy consultation. The visualization of thermal leaks, instead of pure numbers and abstract tables, makes it easier, especially for private customers, to grasp the energetic weak spots, for instance in building fronts, roofs or windows, and to make the decision for an implementation of the necessary renovation measures. However, in building energy consulting, a good thermal imager alone is not enough. The actual challenge is the much too long and complex analysis and creation of reports which are the basis for the energetic renovation recommendations. Creating the reports is often very time-consuming. A high-performance software would be helpful, which would allow thermal images to be quickly and easily analyzed and documented in a clear thermography report.

The image quality’s great! I’d buy this thermal imager for my energy consultant class right away!

Kuno Schlatter on the testo 883


building energy consultant

The new thermal imager testo 883 was developed especially for this requirement: It enters the market as a complete package with the licence-free, high-performance software testo IRSoft. This not only allows outstandingly high-resolution thermal images to be recorded quickly and conveniently. The thermal images are also comprehensively analyzed with the help of testo IRSoft. Creating reports is equally easy. The digital report assistant and numerous design templates make it very easy to summarize the measurement results and analyses in impressive reports. Kuno Schlatter finds this promising. As a selected customer, the expert puts the new thermal imager testo 883 with testo IRSoft software through its paces before the market launch in January – at a family home in the Black Forest.