Sonda de globo Ø 150mm, TP Tipo K, para medir o calor radian... - for radiant heat

Encomenda nº  0602 0743

  • For the measurement of radiant heat according to ISO 7243, ISO 7726, DIN EN 27726 and DIN 33403

  • Thermocouple type K 

  • Measuring range: 0 to + 120 °C

Sonda de globo Ø 150mm, TP Tipo K, para medir o calor radiante

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Descrição do produto

Thermal comfort is a crucial factor in terms of a person's physical and mental capabilities – and should be ensured through regular measurements of the individual parameters directly at the workplace.

In combination with an appropriate measuring instrument, the globe thermometer (thermocouple type K) enables standard-compliant determination and checking of the radiant heat parameter. For example, if a significant temperature difference between the ambient and globe temperature is detected, the cause could be high solar radiation through the window.

The hollow sphere has a diameter of 150 mm and there is a thermocouple type K at its centre for measuring the temperature.


O pedido inclui

Globe thermometer (Ø 150 mm, TC type K) with 1.45 m fixed cable.
Tipo K (NiCr-Ni)

Faixa de medição

0 a +120 °C


Classe 1

Dados técnicos gerais

Comprimento do cabo

1,45 m



Probe head diameter

150 mm


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