Sonda magnética, força de aderência aprox. 10 N, com íman, p...

Encomenda nº  0602 4892

  • Self-adhesive thanks to a magnet: probe for measuring surface temperature on metal surfaces

  • TC Type K temperature probe with 1.6 m cable

  • Measuring range: -50 to +400 °C

Sonda magnética, força de aderência aprox. 10 N, com íman, para temperaturas elevadas, para a medição em superfícies metálicas, TP Tipo K

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Descrição do produto

Use this temperature probe with thermocouple (TC) sensor to carry out measurements of surface temperatures of up to +400 °C. Thanks to the magnet, the probe adheres to metal surfaces all by itself. The magnet's adhesive force is 10 N. 

The surface probe features a 1.6 m cable.

This Type K, Class 2 thermocouple probe has a standardized accuracy of ±2.5 °C or 0.0075 x I t I (the higher value applies). This means that at a temperature of +400 °C, this probe has an accuracy of ±3 °C (since 0.0075 x 400 °C = 3 °C).

The perfect probe for any application
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O pedido inclui

1 x TC Type K temperature probe 0602 4892.
Tipo K (NiCr-Ni)

Faixa de medição

-50 a +400 °C


Classe 2 ¹⁾

1) According to standard EN 60584-2, the accuracy of Class 2 refers to -40 to +1200 °C.

Dados técnicos gerais

Força adesiva

10 N

Comprimento do eixo da sonda

75 mm

Cabo fixo


Comprimento do cabo

1,6 m

Diâmetro do eixo da sonda

21 mm