Monitoring systems for cleanrooms

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  • testo Saveris U1 - Radio probe with current/voltage input

    Sipariş no. 0572 3210

    1 akım/voltaj çıkışı ile kablosuz prob
    • Integration of many additional measurement parameters besides temperature and humidity

    • Standardised interfaces for easy integration

    • Flexible wireless data transfer

    • High level of data security thanks to built-in rechargeable battery

  • testo Saveris CFR Software basic package with Web Access - licence for 1-5 users

    Sipariş no. 0572 0182

    The testo Saveris CFR Software basic package with Web Access provides you with validatable software for the testo Saveris data logger system. This fulfils the requirements of the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. This basic package enables up to five users to monitor humidity and temperature monitoring measurement data on their PC. Thanks to testo Saveris Web Access, users can also conveniently access the measurement data via their browser – using any PC, smartphone or tablet.
    • CFR basic package with Web Access – licence for 1 to 5 users

    • testo Saveris CFR Software: validatable client and viewer software including database for installation on the PC or server

    • testo Saveris Web Access: monitor measurement data flexibly from any terminal device via the browser – without installing any software

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