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testo 150 T1 - Data logger module with 1 internal NTC temperature sensor

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  • Efficient monitoring with integrated NTC sensor
  • Can be combined with Testo communication modules for measurement data transmission via WLAN, Ethernet or testo UltraRange technology
  • In the event of a limit value violation, the logger alerts the user directly
  • Certified according to DIN EN 12830:2018
  • This component is part of the environmental monitoring system testo Saveris 1. The modular system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, alerts you immediately if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes.

    The four testo 150 data logger modules are part of the testo Saveris 1 environmental monitoring system; they enable safe, simple and efficient monitoring of critical environmental parameters in accordance with the strictest guidelines.

    Thanks to their modular design, the testo 150 data logger modules can be integrated into any existing communication infrastructure (WLAN, LAN).

    The optional testo UltraRange long-range radio technology also enables the autonomous and secure measurement transfer over long distances.

    All data logger modules alert you to limit violations via the measurement data management software, testo Saveris PRO/CFR data software and the testo Saveris cockpit.

    testo 150 T1 – data logger module with display and 1 internal NTC temperature sensor, including wall bracket, batteries and calibration protocol.