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testo 270 - Cooking oil tester

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AED 1,750.00
  • Capacitive oil sensor from Testo, together with its needs-based design, make it possible to take measurements in hot oil (user is protected from the heat of the deep fat fryer)
  • IP 65: protected against water jets without a protective cover
  • Clear, visual alarm indication via highly-visible alarm backlight in traffic light colours
  • Washable case for hygienically stowing away at the application site
  • A visual or odour check is not sufficient to verify whether the quality of the cooking oil is still good. Chain restaurateurs with the testo 270 cooking oil tester only need to change the cooking oil once critical TPM values are reached. This saves them from changing the cooking oil more frequently than is necessary, enabling them to also benefit from the associated cost savings.
    • Oil quality assessment on site.

    • Save cooking oil – up to 20%.
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    Change cooking oil at the right time and save money: the testo 270 enables you to work more reliably, intuitively and efficiently. You will find this cooking oil tester to be a competent assistant, helping you achieve impeccable quality assurance when it comes to your frying processes. Easy cooking oil monitoring using the testo 270 will enable you to comply with critical TPM values and to change the oil at just the right time.

    With the testo 270 you can take measurements directly in hot oil in a variety of deep fat fryers without any waiting time. The cooking oil tester offers numerous advantages, such as a removable, dishwasher-safe case, an unbreakable oil sensor, easy 3-button operation and lots more.

    Robust, simple and convenient for the kitchen

    With its reliable measuring technology, the testo 270 cooking oil tester is your competent partner when it comes to ensuring quality assurance for your deep fat fryer, whether you are using the instrument in your restaurant business, commercial kitchen, in catering, food inspection, or in the quality assurance or production of food.At the same time, the cooking oil tester is easy to use: you can set the required TPM limit values in advance and protect them from being modified inadvertently with a PIN. The cooking oil tester's display helps you during the measurement itself: it flashes until a stable reading is reached. The display signalling function in traffic light colours (red, yellow and green) enables quick identification of the measurement result range. Naturally, the accurate reading in %TPM can also be read off on the display.

    All the advantages of the testo 270 cooking oil tester at a glance

    • Simple: self-explanatory operation with 3-level alarm backlight. Testo's capacitive oil sensor makes it possible to carry out back-to-back measurements in hot fat, even without needing to wait for the cooking oil tester to cool down
    • Accurate: calibration possible at the measuring location using the reference oil
    • Robust: the fibreglass housing is extremely impact-resistant. Moreover, the oil sensor is embedded in a metal casing and is therefore unbreakable. In accordance with protection class IP65, it is protected against water jets and can be washed under running water
    • Reliable: users are protected from the heat of the cooking oil thanks to the measuring instrument's ergonomic design
    • Clear: %TPM shown on the large display, along with unambiguous signalling function of the display illumination in traffic light colours (red, yellow and green); Hold and Auto-Hold function for the reading display

    testo 270 cooking oil tester including reference oil, plastic case, calibration protocol, training card, instruction manual and batteries.

    Temperature - PTC

    Measuring range
    +40 to +200 °C
    ±1.5 °C
    0.1 °C

    TPM - Capacitive

    Measuring range
    0.0 to 40.0 % TPM
    ±2 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)
    *typically, based on Testo in-house reference, at an ambient temperature of 25 °C
    0.5 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)

    General technical data

    Operating humidity
    0 to +90 %RH
    255 g
    Reaction time
    Approx. 30 s
    170 x 50 x 300 mm ((LxWxH))
    Operating temperature
    0 to +50 °C
    Product-/housing material
    TPE/PC + ABS/PC + ABS + 10% GF
    Protection class
    Product colour
    CE 2014/30/EU
    Length probe shaft
    175 mm
    Length probe shaft tip
    35 mm
    Diameter probe shaft
    11 mm
    Diameter probe shaft tip
    10 mm
    Alarm features
    Upper and lower TPM limit value freely adjustable, visual alarm via 3-colour display backlighting (green, orange, red), values and illumination flash in the display until the measurement is ended (Auto Hold)
    Battery type
    2 batteries type micro AAA 1.5 V (LR03)
    Battery life
    at 20 °C approx. 25 h continuous operation (corresponds to approx. 500 measurements ), without display lighting
    Display type
    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    Display size
    2 lines
    Display ligthing
    Storage temperature
    -20 to +70 °C
    Application temperature
    +40 to +200 °C