IAQ probe for analyzing Indoor Air Quality, CO2,

Order-Nr.  0632 1543

  • 4 functions in one probe: measurement of CO2, humidity, temperature and absolute pressure

  • Rapid checking of the indoor climate

  • Prevention of poor air quality in indoor rooms via CO2 measurement

  • Intelligent calibration concept

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Product Description

IAQ probe for analyzing Indoor Air Quality, CO<sub>2</sub>, humidity measurement, temperature and absolute pressure measurement, incl. table tripod

Delivery Scope

Indoor air quality probe including desktop tripod.
Note: you need a plug-in head cable (0430 0100) for this probe.

Technical Data

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

0 to +50 °C


±0.5 °C


0.1 °C

Humidity - Capacitive

Measuring range

0 to +100 %RH


±(1.8 %RH + 0.7 % of mv)


0.1 %RH

Absolute Pressure

Measuring range

+700 to +1100 hPa


±3.0 hPa


0.1 hPa

Ambient CO₂

Measuring range

0 to +10000 ppm


±(75 ppm + 3 % of mv)

0 to +5000 ppm

±(150 ppm + 5 % of mv)

5001 to +10000 ppm


1 ppm

General technical data

Diameter probe shaft

21 mm

Length probe

305 mm