Thermal imager

Use thermal imagers to find defects in buildings, discover damage during maintenance or analyze thermal processes: thermography is indispensable when it comes to non-contact detection of thermal differences.

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  • testo SuperResolution - Upgrade for Testo thermal imagers

    Order-Nr. 0554 7806

    With the patent-pending SuperResolution upgrade, you can capture extremely high-resolution infrared images (up to megapixel quality) with your Testo thermal imager. The SuperResolution upgrade improves the usable geometric resolution of the thermal image by a factor of 1.6 – with four times as many measuring values.

    • More accuracy and security in every measurement

    • More detailed thermal images with four times more measurement values

    • Real temperature measurement values – no artificial intermediate values

    • Easy upgrade of your Testo thermal imager via internet

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  • Process analysis package

    Order-Nr. 0554 8902

    Visualization and detailed analysis of thermal processes with the process analysis package for the thermal imagers testo 885 and testo 890.

    Under cramped production conditions, sequences of thermal images are stored directly yin the thermal imager, and compared as a time progression using the thermography software IRSoft. Can also be saved as a fully radiometric thermal image video when connected to a PC: For subsequent zooming and analysis.

    • Can be used as an extension for testo 885 and testo 890

    • Recording start can be defined by limit values

    • IRSoft software available free of charge

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  • testo 885 set - thermal imager with super-telephoto lens plus additional lens of your choice

    Order-Nr. 0563 0885 V5

    This thermography set provides the ideal equipment for capturing images from long distances and other applications. The set includes the professional thermal imager testo 885 with super-telephoto lens (for very long distances) plus an additional lens of your choice: telephoto lens for medium and somewhat longer distances or standard lens with a large field of view for closer measurement objects.

    • Professional thermal imager testo 885: resolution 320 x 240 pixels, optionally upgradable to 640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution, thermal sensitivity < 30 mK

    • The right lens for your application: super-telephoto lens for extremely distant measurement objects plus telephoto lens or standard lens with large field of view

    • Panoramic image function, SiteRecognition technology, humidity calculation, JPEG saving function, optional: sequence capturing in the instrument and lots more

    • The set contains essential accessories, which you will always have to hand: robust case and lens case, spare rechargeable battery, fast battery charger, SD card, etc.

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