The thermal imager – your new favourite tool

The measuring instrument for every application: there are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager. Because the areas where the visualization of temperatures using thermography makes your work easier include the following:

  • In building thermography  a Testo thermal camera helps you to detect thermal bridges and structural defects.
  • In heating engineering you can use thermography to check underfloor heating is working properly or for the non-destructive detection of leaks.
  • In maintenance a thermal camera enables you to see wear before systems fail. Ideal for industrial electrical maintenance and industrial maintenance mechanic.

NEW: Thermal imager testo 883

See for yourself.

Would you like to buy a thermal imager? You should take the following into consideration:

  • Resolution: at least 160 x 120 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity < 120 mK (visualizes temperature differences as from 0.12°C)
  • Software for analysis and professional reports
  • Easy and intuitive operation

For those who get things done.

Testo 865 thermal imager

Easy operation, robust construction and practical features.
Ideal for examining buildings and lots more.

For professionals.

Infrared thermography with testo 885

Visualize even the smallest temperature differences and have exchangeable lenses at your disposal.
Ideal for maintenance and lots more.


Thermal imaging camera testo 890

Sharp-focus thermal images in megapixel quality, thanks to highest infrared resolution for testing the smallest components, and professional solutions such as:

  • Process analysis package with fully radiometric video measurement and timelapse function

Practical thermography guide

House thermography

Everything you need to know about thermal imaging cameras and thermography. Easy to understand explanations and compact summarizing.


Applications of infrared thermography

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Features of our thermal imagers

Buying a thermal imager is a sound investment. Especially when you decide on a Testo thermal imager. Because our instruments have the best price-performance ratio in their class. Because of this – and thanks to these features – they enable you to take the best possible advantage of infrared thermography for your purposes:

testo SuperResolution technology: Identifying more details
Making your thermal images a class above in next to no time.   more...
testo IRSoft: Analysis software
Independent and really easy creation of professional thermographic reports.   more...
testo FeverDetection: Disease prevention
Identify persons with increased body temperature quickly and easily.  more...

Humidity image: Mould prevention
See the risk of mould directly in the thermal image.  more...
testo SiteRecognition: Efficient inspection routes
Particularly practical for preventive maintenance.   more...
Process analysis package: Detect temperature developments
Full radiometric video measurement and sequence capturing directly in the thermal imager.  more...

Panorama image assistant: Easier analysis of large objects
An overall view which is easy to examine created from a number of individual images of a large measurement object.   more...
testo ScaleAssist: Prevents incorrect interpretations
Automatic scaling for comparable thermal images.   more...
testo ε-Assist: Even more precise thermal images
Emissivity and reflected temperature are automatically set.  more...

testo Thermography App: Smart, networked work
Your smartphone/tablet becomes a remote control, second display and report centre.   more...
Connectivity: External measuring values in the thermal image
From humidity measuring instruments and current probes.   more...
IFOV warner: Always the right distance
IFOV warner: Always the right distance
Shows from what distance each object can be correctly measured.  

testo 872 thermal imager

Thermal imager testo 872

Smart thermography with the highest image quality – this is what the testo 872 model stands for:

  •  Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Integrated digital camera and laser marker
  •  Wireless measurement data transfer from the testo 770-3 clamp meter and testo 605i humidity measuring instrument
  • With testo Thermography App

Photovoltaic thermography

One look with the testo 872 and you can see whether your system is running efficiently or which faulty modules need to be replaced. That means your investment pays for itself faster and your photovoltaic system produces electricity efficiently.

Building thermography

With the testo 872, there are no longer any thermal bridges, missing insulation or leaks in underfloor heating that remain undetected. Simply switch on, get going and know more.

testo 872 in the webshop

testo 872 thermal imager

Instead of thermal imaging cameras: more measuring instruments from Testo

More measuring instruments for temperature measurement from Testo

Depending on the application, you will still need more measuring instruments for efficient temperature measurement in addition to a thermal camera. We have put together a small selection of our bestsellers for you here.

Smart temperature measurement

Smart Probes are compact professional measuring instruments operated by smartphone. They are available for the most important measurement parameters and will make your day-to-day work somewhat more pleasant.

Recording temperatures

Temperature data loggers are used not only for measuring temperatures (and other measurement parameters), but also for monitoring and recording them over defined time periods.

Measuring temperatures on surfaces

As the name makes clear, a surface temperature meter is used to measure the temperature on the surface of a measurement object. This category also includes infrared thermometers. Just like an infrared thermal imager, they measure an object's thermal radiation. Temperature measuring strips on the other hand are used for fast measurement of the surface temperature in a really wide variety of applications.