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The right probe for every application

Customized Probes

Do you need a specific probe for your requirement and cannot find it in our range?

We tailor our standard probes specifically to your needs:

  • Length and diameter of the probe

  • Length and material of the connecting cable

  • Measuring range and accuracy of the probe

Furthermore, we also develop and produce probes entirely according to your preferences.


You can get your custom sensor starting from an order quantity of one piece.

Rush orders can be manufactured within 48 hours*. The standard delivery time is 15 business days. Upon request, we can calibrate your sensor.

Just the way you need it.

*depending on material availability for custom-made probes

What does measuring range mean?

The measuring range of a measuring instrument or sensor is the range of a measured quantity in which measurement deviations remain within specified limits.

If the measuring range does not fall within your desired specifications?

We manufacture a customized sensor for you with an extended measuring range.

How the measuring range is extended:

  • Use of an alternative sensor

  • Use of more robust materials

Advice on custom-made probes

Do you wish for a personal consultation regarding customized probes from Testo?

Call us at the phone number +603 9212 1592 or

Use the contact form

Based on your information, we would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your individual custom-made probe.


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