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Temperature measuring strips

Thermometer strips determine the surface temperature of the measurement object within temperature zones or as a maximum value.

Self-adhesive, irreversible and absolutely reliable

For temperature control, the self-adhesive films are simply stuck onto the measurement object. If the temperature limit values are exceeded, the measuring strips have a lightning quick reaction with irreversible colour changes. This enables reliable detection of whether limit values have been exceeded.

As small as they are smart – Testo's temperature measuring strips provide the following

  • Maximum precision for temperature control between 37 and 280°C.

  • Three formats for small to very small fast moving measurement objects too.

  • High measuring accuracy of ±1.5°C in the 29 to 150°C temperature range.

  • As from a temperature of 150°C, the measuring accuracy is +1% of the respective temperature value.

  • Maximum efficiency and measuring precision at an impressive price.

Measuring strip

Produkte ansehen

Temperature measuring strips, measuring points and mini-indicators

Die Temperaturmessstreifen von Testo sind in drei verschiedenen Formaten und Leistungsprofilen verfügbar:

  1. Temperaturmessstreifen mit Messbereich für bewegliche, kleine Teile und Langzeitmessung.

  2. Messpunkte mit Maximalwert und extrem kurzer Reaktionszeit.

  3. Mini-Indikatoren mit Messbereich für sehr kleine Objekte.

Optimum use of temperature measuring strips

Testo's temperature stickers are more and more frequently used for temperature control – for example in the electrical industry, automotive engineering, research and aerospace technology. Because their efficiency is unbeatable when tasks such as preventive maintenance, quality assurance or proof of warranty abuse are involved. You will find out about important background elements and application tips for professional temperature control with measuring strips here.

Measuring strips from Testo – keep going as long as you want

Measuring strips that have been attached properly (without any bubbles) adhere firmly and reliably to the measurement object. They do not come off even when confronted with substances such as oil, petrol, solvents or water. They can only be taken off manually. For instance, if you remove the measuring strips by hand in order to stick them into your documentation.

Correct use of measuring strips: practical tips

Temperaturmessstreifen sind ideal für die effiziente Temperaturkontrolle. Einfach anzuwenden, liefern sie sehr zuverlässige Ergebnisse. Noch präziser wird Ihre Temperaturkontrolle, wenn Sie die folgenden Hinweise berücksichtigen:

  1. Achten Sie darauf, dass Oberfläche und Messteile sauber und trocken sind.

  2. Temperaturmessstreifen sollten kühl gelagert werden: Optimal sind 6 ... 10 °C. Die Lagertemperatur sollte 25 °C nicht überschreiten.

  3. Beim Aufkleben der Messstreifen dürfen keine Luftbläschen entstehen.

  4. Lagern Sie Temperaturmesstreifen nicht zu lange. Messtreifen bis 50 °C sind max. 6 Monate haltbar, Messtreifen ab 50 °C mit 12 Monaten deutlich länger.

How do Testo's thermometer strips work?

Although there are sophisticated chemical processes behind the way measuring strips work, they are in principle very simply designed. Temperature-sensitive elements are located under a transparent protective layer. These are the so-called phase-transforming indicators. The temperature measuring strips themselves consist of different mixtures of chemicals, which are produced on special absorptive paper substrates.

If the pre-defined temperatures are reached, the chemical melts and is absorbed by the substrate. The chemical reaction is shown by the change of colour. Important: the colour that develops is irreversible, because the chemical reaction can only occur once. Further temperature fluctuations no longer have any influence on the colour. Perfect temperature control guaranteed!

Measure without measuring strips:

Thermometer strips are extremely efficient. However, they are not suitable for numerous tasks in classic temperature control, e.g. in heating engineering and air conditioning technology or in cleanrooms. For this, Testo offers you a wide range of high-precision temperature measuring instruments. Precisely tailored to our customers' requirements, and therefore field tested a million times. You can get an overview here: