testo 300 NEXT LEVEL and testo 316
testo 300 NEXT LEVEL and testo 316


... when it comes to heating systems and heat pumps:

The new testo 300 NEXT LEVEL and testo 316 offer exceptional efficiency

Why make measurements complicated when you can keep them simple?

At Testo, we aim to make your work easier. Because we believe that when tasks become more complex, measuring technology needs to be made simpler.

Our new instruments offer exceptional efficiency, enabling you to relax and concentrate on the important things.

Flue gas analyzer testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

For flue gas measurements, there’s no alternative: the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Efficient, wireless measurement of up to four additional parameters in parallel, such as pressure and temperature. Featuring a practical second screen and intuitive operation – it really couldn’t be easier.

Save valuable time by carrying out simple, intuitive documentation on site and sending measurement data by e-mail via the testo Smart App. Discover the benefits of easy data integration into your in-house software via QR code – fewer transmission errors, less paperwork, less stress.

Find out more about wireless parallel measurements in record time!

testo 316 leak detector

For leak detection, there’s no alternative: the new testo 316 series

The new range of leak detectors covers all requirements and areas of application – from small systems through to industrial plants. They include a game-changing feature: Our innovative 2-in-1 sensor in the testo 316-2-EX detects both fuel gases and refrigerants, making your work even more efficient.

All the instruments in the new 316 series will help you detect leaks thanks to multi-colour LEDs on the sensor head with clear indicators and alarms.

Find out more about the series with the world’s first 2-in-1 sensor for gas and refrigerant

When it comes to tools, there’s no alternative:
our efficient helpers and time savers

Our high-precision thermal imager reliably checks radiators and underfloor heating systems for leaks. The digital manifolds and scales assist you in the maintenance of heat pumps.

Thermal imager testo 868s:
unbeatable leak detection

Thermal imager testo 868s

Digital manifolds testo 550s and testo 557s: fast and high-precision

Digital manifolds testo 550s and testo 557s

Refrigerant scale testo 560i:
the first to feature an intelligent valve

Refrigerant scale testo 560i
testo Smart App

When it comes to smart apps, there’s no alternative: one app for all applications

Faster, easier, smarter: Our testo Smart App is the focal point of all activities. All heating applications can be conveniently managed using a smartphone or tablet.

With Testo, you have everything under control and conveniently at your fingertips – all from one source. Benefit from intelligent connectivity and the unique all-in-one solution for all applications. Make measuring and documenting easier and faster again.

Find out more about the advantages of our testo Smart App!

Brochure heating trade

Brochure heating trade

Brochure testo 300

Brochure testo 300

Brochure testo 316

Brochure testo 316