testo 526-1 - High-precision differential pressure measuring instrument

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  • Temperature-compensated differential pressure sensor

  • Multi-point and timed mean calculation

  • Recording of measurement data with freely selectable measuring rate

  • 2 probe inputs for pressure and temperature

Ideal for checking pressure in sensitive industrial processes: the testo 526-1 high-precision differential pressure measuring instrument with a measuring accuracy of ± 0.1% of final value. It also has two probe inputs for additional pressure and temperature probes.


Product Description

The testo 526-1 is a high-precision differential pressure measuring instrument with an internal sensor and a measuring range from 0 to +2,000 hPa. It can calculate the differential pressure to an accuracy of ± 0.1% of final value.

Additional probe inputs for versatile measurements with the differential pressure measuring instrument

Up to two probes (optional) can also be attached via freely assignable probe inputs. You have the choice of a comprehensive range of probes for this:
  • Differential pressure probes
  • Absolute pressure probes
  • Relative pressure probes
  • Temperature probes, such as surface, immersion and penetration probes

Further advantages of the testo 526-1 high-precision differential pressure measuring instrument

The integrated test menu in the testo 526 enables seamless recording, especially for tightness testing on containers. To document the pressure test, there is an option enabling the measurement data to be processed and archived using software and/or printed out via the testo fast printer directly on site (software and printer available to order separately).

The memory can record up to 25,000 readings. These are stored under their individually designated measuring locations (max. 99 measuring locations) which means they can be quickly found again. Measurement data can be saved individually or as a series of measurements. The measuring rate (0.04 seconds, 1 second to 24 hours) and the number of values to be stored can be freely selected.

Delivery Scope

testo 526-1 high-precision differential pressure measuring instrument, including quick-release connections, calibration protocol and batteries.

Technical Data

General technical data


Hose: inner Ø 4 mm outer Ø 6 mm

Display type

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Display function

with symbol, 7 segment display and point matrix

Display update

2x per second, in fast measurement 4x per second

Power supply

Battery/Rechargeable battery,Mains unit 12 V




100 kB; 25,000 measuring values


Accessories for probes

Connection cable

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Additional accessories and Spare parts

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Software and Accessories

RS232 cable

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Transport and Protection

TopSafe (protection case)

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SAR 3 900
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