Frozen food probe (NTC) - for screw-in use

Order-Nr.  0613 3211

  • NTC temperature sensor

  • Can be screwed directly into frozen food, no pre-drilling required

  • EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant

  • Measuring range: -50 to +140 °C

The frozen food probe (with a corresponding measuring instrument) enables core temperatures to be measured in frozen food.

Product Description

The frozen food probe (NTC) is used primarily for measuring the core temperature of frozen food. Thanks to a special handle and its helical tip, it can be screwed directly into frozen food without the need for pre-drilling. The probe is EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant, making it particularly practical for use in the food sector when connected to a corresponding measuring instrument (e.g. testo 110). The special handle is heat-resistant up to a temperature of +70 °C.


Delivery Scope

Frozen food probe NTC, corkscrew design (incl. plug-in wire)