Nano particles

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  • testo DiSCmini - Handheld nanoparticle counter

    Order-Nr. 133

    The testo DiSCmini is a portable nanoparticle analyzer that counts particle number, average particle size, and lung deposited surface area (LDSA) measurement values.

    • Simultaneous measurement and display of particle number concentration, average particle diameter, and LDSA, with a refresh rate of 1 second

    • No need for any working fluid or materials to operate

    • Vibration resistant, and can be operated in any position

    • Battery operation and charger allow for long term measurements

  • testo REXS - High mass soot generator

    Order-Nr. 366

    The testo REXS Reproducible EXhaust Simulator generates nano-sized soot particles, very similar to diesel soot, and is fully automated. It has impressive high mass output and is easy to use and operate, with attractive cost saving potential.

    • Combustion soot particles with similar mobility distribution to diesel emissions

    • Stable, reproducible particle size distribution with less than 5% deviation

    • 6 possible operation points, with a mode diameter between 30 nm and 120 nm

    • Stable operation, even when there are changes in the absolute pressure due to increasing backpressure in loaded filters

  • testo ViPR - Volatile particle remover for sampling and raw gas conditioning

    Order-Nr. 1122B

    The testo ViPR volatile particle remover is a gas conditioning system for sampling, diluting, and conditioning raw gas for particle determination. It is compliant with the European PMP (Particle Measurement Programme), and is known for its award winning technology.

    • UNECE R83 and R49 compliant (Europe)

    • Gas conditioning for particle number measurement, for vehicle type approval

    • Primary diluter for direct connection to an exhaust pipe or CVS dilution tunnel

    • Easy operation via PC

  • testo NanoMet3 - Portable nanoparticle counter for Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

    Order-Nr. 444

    The innovative testo NanoMet3 PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) allows you to measure the number concentration and average diameter of solid nanoparticles in the 10 – 700 nm size range, under real driving conditions.

    • One-button operation

    • Gas conditioning – integrated PMP thermodilution

    • No need to change settings between gasoline and diesel vehicle measurements

    • No need for any operating materials or fluids

4 Products found