The New Generation of Electrical Measuring Instruments

Think instead of just measuring.

Electrical measuring instruments from Testo.

Electrical measuring instruments from Testo
Electrical measuring instruments from Testo
Electrical measuring instruments from Testo
Electrical measuring instruments from Testo
Testo is setting new standards in electrical measuring technology.
Whether they're multimeters, clamp meters, current testers, or voltage testers – thanks to innovative technologies and simplified applications, Testo’s measuring instruments measure electrical parameters, such as current, voltage, and resistance, more reliably and precisely than ever before.
Find out more about service, calibration, and training, as well, for better performance in electrical measuring technology.

Clever Digital Multimeters

Testo’s digital multimeters manage without a dial, and avoid incorrect settings! It doesn’t matter whether you are measuring a voltage or an ionization current – there couldn’t be more reliability.
  • Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters via socket assignment
  • Easy operation via function keys and large illuminated display
  • True root mean square measurement (TRMS)

Testers Measuring Current and Voltage

The first voltage testers in line with DIN-EN 61243-3:2010 which also measure current. Ideally suited for almost all measuring tasks involved in testing current and voltage.
  • Reliable voltage display, even with an empty battery
  • Measure immediately, without any switching on or selection
  • Exchangeable measuring tips

Voltage testers with 360° display

Only Testo has voltage testers with all-round display. Thanks to unique light technology, readings can be clearly seen from any position. This means you can measure voltage more reliably.

  • Certified according to the DIN-EN 61243-3:2010 voltage tester standard
  • Anti-slip ring for a secure hold when testing
  • Safety specification according to CAT III

Non-contact voltage testers

The non-contact voltage tester is particularly suitable for initial checking of a possible fault source. Indispensable for work on electrical systems!

  • Voltage range up to 1,000 V
  • Filter for high-frequency interference signals
  • Adjustable for phase detection or voltage indication

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