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Thermal Imagers

The measuring instrument for every application: there is hardly any device that is as versatile as a testo Thermal Imager.

Making temperatures visible with the help of thermography makes your work easier in these applications, among others:

  • In building thermography a Testo Thermal Imager helps you to detect thermal bridges and structural defects.

  • In heating construction, you can use testo Thermal Imagers to check the function of underfloor heating systems, or detect leaks non-destructively.

  • In maintenance a testo Thermal Imager enables you to see wear before systems fail.

Would you like to buy a thermal imager?
You should take the following into consideration:

  • Resolution: at least 160 x 120 pixels

  • Thermal sensitivity

  • Software for analysis and professional reports

  • Easy and intuitive operation

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The testo Thermal Imager - your new favorite tool

Theory – practice – tips & tricks

Thermography Pocket Guide

Download the exclusive practical guide


Emission, reflection, transmission

Measuring spot and measuring distance

Measurement object and measurement environment

Sources of error in infrared measurement

Practical determination of ε and RTC

And much more...


IFOV calculator for Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

The FOV calculator shows you quickly and easily how small the measurement object can be in order to be detected (IFOV geo) and reliably measured (IFOV meas) at the selected distance.

To the calculator

Smallest detectable object (IFOVgeo)

Smallest Measurable Object (IFOVmeas)

Size of field of view (FOV)



Distance of the thermal imaging camera to the measured object

Applications, functions and additional information on Testo Thermal Imagers

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testo 872s thermal imager – A smart imager for all tasks

testo 872s Thermal Imager: Smart thermography with the highest image quality

  • Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 x 480 pixels)

  • Integrated digital camera and laser marker

  • Compatible with the testo 770-3 Clamp Meter and testo 605i Thermohygrometer Smart Probe

  • With testo Thermography App

Depending on the application, require additional instrumentation for efficient measurement in addition to a thermal camera. We have put together a small selection of our bestsellers for you here.