Combi thermometers for incoming goods inspection in supermarkets

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  • testo 104-IR - Dual purpose IR and penetration thermometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 1040

    The testo 104 dual purpose IR and penetration thermometer is ideal for both food inspectors as well as receiving departments. With the ability to scan surface temperatures from a distance using the IR sensor, and a fast response folding NTC penetration probe for core temperature checks, the 104-IR is an ideal thermometer for all aspects of the food industry.
    • Precise 2-point laser with 10:1 optics for exact, error free measurements

    • Super rugged design, built for extreme, everyday use

    • Large, backlit, easy to read display

    • Included color strips aid in preventing cross contamination concerns

  • testo 826-T4 - Infrared thermometer with laser marking and penetration probe for food (6:1 optics)

    Order-Nr. 0563 8284

    During food controls in Incoming Goods, you regularly check the temperature of your goods. The testo 826-T4 penetration infrared thermometer allows for quick temperature scans, by means of infrared measurement, without damaging the products. If temperature limit values are exceeded, the permanently attached penetration probe can be used to take accurate core temperature measurements (in yogurts, for example).
    • Even more accurate measurements thanks to the new processor

    • Improved control of limit values due to min./max. function

    • Combined instrument with infrared and penetration measurement

    • Optical and audible alarm

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