In refrigeration systems pressures, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling have to be checked for a system to function smoothly. Furthermore, the tightness of the system must be ensured and the source of any leaks must quickly be found if they occur. Thus a reliable statement about the safety and efficiency of the system based on these parameters can be stated.

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  • testo 552 - Digital vacuum / micron gauge with Bluetooth

    Order-Nr. 0560 5522

    The testo 552 digital micron gauge is ideal for monitoring the evacuation of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. It is rich in features that make your work faster, easier, and more accurate.
    • Control and read complete measurement via smartphone

    • Extremely precise, extremely rugged, extremely practical – with visual alarm and backlit display

    • App for creating on-site reports

    • Sending measurement protocols by e-mail

    • High-precision measuring technology

    • Extremely robust

  • testo 549 - Digital manifold

    Order-Nr. 0560 0550

    The testo 549 digital manifold is a breakthrough value, making analog gauges obsolete. It precisely measures high side / low side pressure and instantly displays the corresponding saturation / evaporation temperatures for 60 refrigerants. With optional temperature probes, automatic superheat and sub-cooling calculations can also be displayed.
    • 60 refrigerant profiles stored in the instrument

    • Rugged housing with additional one year warranty (with registration)

    • Large 2-line backlit display

    • Digital accuracy performs more reliably than analog manifold gauge sets for more precise readings

  • testo 557 - 4-Valve digital manifold kit with Bluetooth and external vacuum gauge

    Order-Nr. 0563 1557

    Are you familiar with the current version?
    Why not enjoy the benefits that it has to offer: >> To the new version
    • External vacuum probe for faster and more reliable system evacuation

    • Accurate, simultaneous superheat / subcooling measurements

    • Rugged housing with additional one year warranty (w/ registration)

    • Live data feed integration now available with the MeasureQuick App.

  • testo 570 - 4-Valve digital manifold kit with data logging

    Order-Nr. 0563 5702

    The testo 570 4-valve digital manifold has an internal vacuum sensor, data logging and printing capabilities, and an additional third probe port for either ambient temperature, current, or oil pressure probes.
    • Internal vacuum sensor

    • Data logging and printing capabilities

    • 999 hours of data for further evaluation on your PC

    • Includes 2 temperature clamp probes, USB cable, and carry case

  • testo 550i - App-controlled digital manifold with Bluetooth and 2-way valve block

    Order-Nr. 0564 2550 01

    The testo 550i app-controlled digital manifold with Bluetooth ®, 2-way valve block and sturdy hook offers extensive measurement technology in an exceptionally compact format. Use this extremely robust manifold to carry out your everyday work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps wirelessly, with ease and reliability. All using the testo Smart App on your smartphone or tablet.
    • All activities, from measurement through to documentation, using the testo Smart App on your Smartphone

    • The smallest digital manifold on the market

    • Maximum reliability thanks to the extremely rugged housing with IP54 protection class

    • Optional expandibility with testo Smart Probes for temperature, humidity and vacuum

  • testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit -  *Discontinued Short Range Version*

    Order-Nr. 0563 0002 02

    The testo Smart Probes AC / Refrigeration test kit is ideally suited for testing air conditioning and refrigeration systems and installing them. The large testo HVAC softcase enables the measuring instruments to be conveniently transported and ensures that they are always to hand when they are needed.
    *NOTE: This Smart Probes kit is the Short Range (50 ft), Discontinued Version
    • Fast and simple installation of the testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument directly onto the pressure connection

    • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application

    • Automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures and simple selection from more than 90 refrigerants via testo Smart Probes App

    • Large testo HVAC softcase: store additional testo Smart Probes for further applications in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation field safely

    $ 225.00
    excl. tax
  • testo 552i - App-controlled wireless vacuum probe

    Order-Nr. 0564 2552 01

    Use the testo 552i vacuum probe with Bluetooth to measure vacuum wirelessly with speed, ease and precision via just one service port – with no loss of refrigerant. The testo Smart App supports you with numerous intelligent features – for example, you can see the vacuum by simply glancing at the graphic illustration in the app or on the manifold’s display. Thanks to its robust, convenient housing and proven measuring technology, the vacuum probe is compact and reliable when carrying out your vacuum measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps.
    • Identify vacuum quickly and easily by means of the graphical display in the App or on the digital manifold screen

    • Connects automatically via Bluetooth® to the testo Smart App and digital manifolds

    • Exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to the rugged, easy-to-handle housing with IP 54 protection class

    • Easy installation at any service port thanks to the integrated 45° angle

  • testo 316-3 - Refrigerant Leak Detector

    Order-Nr. 0563 3163

    The testo 316-3, our best refrigerant leak detector yet, offers reliability, and features fast and easy resetting with automatic zeroing. Providing great sensitivity, and including the new refrigerant blends, this instrument will find the most refrigerant leaks, and it delivers dependable, rugged performance.
    • Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity

    • High/low sensitivity adjustment and automatic zeroing

    • Easy one button operation

  • testo 316-4 - Leakage detector for refrigerants

    Order-Nr. 0563 3164

    Everything you need for professional leakage detection. The testo 316-4 set 1 with leak detector is for all common refrigerants, CFC, HFC, HCFC and H2, and includes a refrigerant sensor head, case, mains unit, and earphones. You will be ideally equipped to carry out quick, reliable leakage detection.
    • Extremely high sensitivity of ˂3g/a enables detection of even the smallest leaks

    • Visual and acoustic alarm for optimum leakage detection

    • Permanent sensor check, ensuring that your work is both safe and fast

    • Earplug connection for safe leakage detection in loud environments

  • Clamp temperature probe kit (fixed cable, NTC) - For measurements on pipes (Ø 6-35 mm)

    Order-Nr. 0613 5507

    Ideal for calculating superheating/subcooling on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps: Use the clamp probe kit for fast, accurate surface temperature measurements on pipes with diameters of 6 to 35 mm. The probe’s fixed cable has built-in kink protection – making it exceptionally robust and break-proof.
    • High-precision NTC temperature sensor

    • Collet for quick attachment

    • Rugged, break-proof cable thanks to built-in kink protection

    • In the kit: 2 x fixed wired clamp probes for temperature

  • Transport case - for manifolds

    Order-Nr. 0516 0012

    Store your equipment securely in the robust transport case: the case provides enough storage space for the appropriate measuring instrument (e.g. manifolds) and accessories.
    • Robust case for the secure transport of your equipment

    • Provides space for measuring instrument and accessories

    $ 129.00
    excl. tax
  • Spring Clamp Probe (NTC) - For pipes from ¼” to 2 1/2”

    Order-Nr. 0613 5605

    Testo NTC Spring Clamp Probes will allow you to properly measure Evaporator and Condensor temperatures in real time using your Testo Digital Manifold. Using the spring clamp probes will also allow the manifold to calculate Superheat and Subcool values, ensuring that they are at a correct, optimized level, and the refrigeration system is running at maximum efficiency
    • Easy attachment of the probe to pipes with a diameter of 5 to 65 mm

    • Measuring range: -50 to +120°C

    • Automatic positioning of the sensor on the pipe

    • NTC temperature probe with 1.2 m long cable

  • MiniDIN Connection Cable - MiniDIN Connection Cable

    Order-Nr. 0554 5520

    Three foot miniDIN connection cable. Designed to connect a testo 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge to a testo 570 Digital Manifold, which will provides a greater resolution vacuum readout when using the vacuum gauge on the testo 570. In addition, the cable will allow the 570 to print, as well as store measurements from the 552.
    • For connecting compatible manifolds

    • MiniDin connections on both sides

  • Clamp probe (NTC) - For pipes from ¼” to 1 1/3”

    Order-Nr. 0613 5505

    Testo NTC Clamp Probes will allow you to properly measure Evaporator and Condensor temperatures in real time using your Testo Digital Manifold. Using the clamp probes will also allow the manifold to calculate SuperHeat and SubCool values, ensuring that they are at a correct, optimized level, and the refrigeration system is running at maximum efficiency.
    • Precision NTC temperature sensor 

    • Easy clamp allows for quick attachment

    • Measuring range: -40 to 257 °F

    $ 60.00
    excl. tax
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