Pressure measurement - Vacuum

Professional, reliable evacuation is an essential stage of the work to be carried out before initial commissioning or recommissioning of every refrigeration system or air conditioning system. Find out here about our high-precision vacuum measuring instruments.

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  • testo 552 - Digital vacuum/micron gauge with Bluetooth

    Order-Nr. 0560 5522

    The testo 552 digital micron gauge is ideal for monitoring the evacuation of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. It is rich in features that make your work faster, easier, and more accurate.

    • Precise and reliable vacuum measurements, 1 micron resolution

    • Displays the saturation temperature of H2O to ensure full and proper evacuation

    • Illuminated, backlit display with visual alarm for evacuation pressure

    • Wireless Bluetooth communication to smart phone or tablet provides powerful analysis and reporting to display data, create reports, and send via email or SMS

  • testo 557 - 4 Valve Digital manifold kit with Bluetooth and Ext. Vacuum Gauge

    Order-Nr. 0563 1557

    The testo 557 4-valve with 3/8 vacuum port digital manifold comes with a remote vacuum probe for faster and more reliable evacuations, Bluetooth App, two clamp temperature probes for instantaneous superheat / sub-cooling readings, and convenient service case.

    • External vacuum probe for faster and more reliable system evacuation

    • Bluetooth / App integration for monitoring, report generation, and sending reports and invoices via email

    • Accurate, simultaneous superheat / sub-cooling measurements

    • Rugged housing with 5 year warranty with registration for reliable testing

  • testo 570 - 4 Valve Digital manifold kit with data logging

    Order-Nr. 0563 5703

    The testo 570-2 4-valve with 3/8 vacuum port digital manifold has an internal vacuum sensor, data logging and printing capabilities, and an additional third probe port for either ambient temperature, current, or oil pressure probes.

    • Internal vacuum sensor

    • Data logging and printing capabilities

    • 999 hours of data for further evaluation on your PC

    • 2-clamp temperature sensor, USB cable and carry case

3 Products found