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CO2, CO, Light, Sound and Speed

Regular measurement of indoor air quality and comfort levels in workplaces enables the exact setting of the indoor climate and reduces the risk of staff shortages due to illness. Indoor air quality and comfort level measurement therefore also leads to fostering better staff performance.

  • The CO₂ content of the area is used as a measure of the air quality.

  • The indoor climate is also determined by the prevailing light conditions in the area. Monitoring these light conditions and measuring the lux level are therefore an important part of comfort level measurement in the workplace.

  • Almost everybody has come across this: background noises which easily prevent you from working and from concentrating on something. If the noise level is high at work, staff efficiency is reduced - no matter whether the noise pollution is caused by equipment or colleagues.

  • Applications for speed meters are multi-faceted. In addition to rpm measurement of rotating objects, the speed or length of conveyor belts and goods sold by the metre can also be measured using contact measurement via a measuring wheel. There is also the possibility of determining the rpm of rotating objects without contact using a reflection mark and a light beam emitted by the instrument.

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Measurement of indoor air quality and comfort levels

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