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The right probe for every application

Customized Probes

Do you need a special probes for your requirements and can't find it in our range?

We adapt our standard probes specifically to your needs:

  • Length and diameter of the probe

  • Length and material of the connecting cable

  • Measuring range and accuracy of the sensor

We also develop and produce probes and sensors individually according to your ideas.

A notice:

You will receive your custom sensor starting from an order size of just one piece.

Rush orders can be completed within 48 hours*. The standard delivery time is 15 working days. We will calibrate your sensor upon request.

Just the way you need it...

*depending on material availability for custom-made sensors

What is meant by measuring range?

The measuring range of a measuring device or sensor is the range of a measured variable in which the measurement deviations remain within specified limits.

​Is the measurement range not within your desired specifications?

We manufacture a tailor-made sensor with an extended measuring range for you.

This is how the measuring range is expanded:

  • Use of an alternative sensor

  • Use of more robust materials

Advice on custom-made sensors

Would you like personal advice on customized probes from Testo?

Call us at 1-800-227-0729 or

Use the contact form

Based on your information, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for your individual, tailor-made sensor.

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