Set testo 105 - One-hand thermometer

Order-Nr.  0563 1052

  • Developed for hard, practical day-to-day work: robust construction and washable (IP65)

  • Two freely selectable limit values, acoustic and optical alarm when the limit values are exceeded/undershot

  • Certified to EN 13485 and HACCP-compliant

  • Advantage of the kit: One-hand thermometer, including changeable measuring tips and other practical accessories

One-hand thermometer with standard measurement tip, frozen food tip, long measurement tip and belt/wall holder in aluminium case


Product Description

Whether it is food production, incoming goods control, gastronomy, large-scale kitchens, refrigerated warehouses or supermarkets: if you carry out spot check measurements in semi-solid goods, frozen goods and in liquids, this kit is ideal. The robust testo 105 one-hand thermometer can be effortlessly combined with the plug-in measuring tips – meaning you are ideally equipped for your measuring task:
  • Standard measuring tip – for measurements in semi-solid media. The measuring tip penetrates meat, cheese or jellies without any problem and reliably records the core temperature
  • Frozen goods measuring tip – for measurements in frozen products. You can also use this measuring tip to test deep-frozen goods for specified temperature limit values 
  • Long measuring tip – due to the long design, it is particularly suitable for temperature measurements in liquid media
All the equipment is transported conveniently and securely in the robust aluminium case. The belt holder and wall bracket ensure safe storage of the penetration thermometer on the move. This means it is ready to hand at all times!

The testo 105 penetration thermometer – a total practical professional

The practical one-hand operation, compact size and illuminated display make every day practical work easier. Both an acoustic and an optical alarm reliably warn of any exceeding/undershooting of the freely adjustable limit values.
Good to know: thanks to a water-repellent surface, the penetration thermometer can also be cleaned under running water – particularly hygienic in accordance with protection class IP65. The testo 105 is tested for the food sector according to EN 13485 and certified by HACCP International.

Delivery Scope

1 x testo 105 one-hand thermometer, including standard measuring tip, frozen goods measuring tip, long measuring tip, belt holder/wall bracket, batteries and aluminium case.

Technical Data

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-58° to 527 °F / -50 to +275 °C


±0.9 °F (-4° to 212 °F) / ±0.5 °C (-20 to +100 °C)

±2 °F (-58° to -4.2 °F) / ±1.0 °C (-50 to -20.1 °C)

±1 % of mv (212.2° to 527 °F) / ±1 % of mv (+100.1 to +275 °C)


0.1 °F / 0.1 °C

Reaction time

t99 (probe short/long) = 10 sec

t99 (frozen goods probe) = 15 sec (in frozen meat approx. 60 s)

General technical data


5.64 oz. (with long measurement tip) / 160 g (with long measurement tip)

39.65 oz. (total weight kit with case) / 1124 g (total weight kit with case)

5.71 oz. (testo 105 with frozen food tip) / 162 g (testo 105 with frozen food tip)

5.50 oz. (testo 105 with standard measurement tip) / 156 g (testo 105 with standard measurement tip)


5.8 x 1.5 x 7.7 in. (with standard measurement tip) / 148 x 38 x 195 mm (with standard measurement tip)

5.8 x 1.5 x 7.3 in. (with frozen food tip) / 148 x 38 x 185 mm (with frozen food tip)

5.8 x 1.5 x 11.7 in. (with long measurement tip) / 148 x 38 x 297 mm (with long measurement tip)

Operating temperature

-4° to 122 °F / -20 to +50 °C



Protection class


Product colour


Switch on/off

10 min

Measuring rate

0.5 sec


EN 13485

Battery type

4 x Button cell LR44

Battery life

80 h (typical)

Display type


Display size


Storage temperature

-40° to 158 °F / -40 to +70 °C