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testo 826-T2 - Infrared thermometer with laser marking for food (6:1 optics)

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  • Infrared thermometer measures the temperature without any contact and therefore in a non-destructive manner
  • 6:1 optics and 1-point laser measurement spot marking
  • Limit value monitoring with min./max. function, visual and acoustic alarm if limit values are exceeded
  • In conjunction with the protective case TopSafe, the instrument is certified according to EN 13485 (TopSafe is included in the delivery)
  • Temperature checks are mandatory for ensuring the quality of foodstuffs in Incoming Goods and in food production. Use the testo 826-T2 infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of your products and goods pallets in a non-destructive manner, all in a matter of seconds.
    The testo 826-T2 for non-contact and fast temperature checks (with laser sighting) can be used easily on food, without damaging any packaging.
    The adjustable acoustic alarm sounds immediately when a limit value is exceeded.
    Two practical accessory parts are supplied:
    1.) The TopSafe case protects the instrument from dust, dirt, impact, and water.
    2.) Wall/belt holder for fast positioning of the meter.

    testo 826-T2 infrared thermometer, including protective TopSafe case, wall/belt holder, and batteries

    Temperature - Infrared

    Measuring range
    -58.0° to 572.0 °F / -50 to +300 °C
    ±4 °F or 2 % of mv (Remaining Range) / ±2 °C or 2 % of mv (Remaining Range)
    ±2.7 °F (-4.0° to 212.0 °F) / ±1.5 °C (-20 to +100 °C)
    Measuring rate
    0.5 sec
    Infrared resolution
    0.1 °F / 0.1 °C

    General technical data

    3 oz. / 80 g
    6 x 1.4 x 1 in. / 148 x 34.4 x 19 mm
    Operating temperature
    -4.0° to 122.0 °F / -20 to +50 °C
    EN 13485
    Battery type
    2 AAA batteries
    Battery life
    Approx. 20 h
    Display type
    Display size
    Storage temperature
    -40.0° to 158.0 °F / -40 to +70 °C